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Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa

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Label: Not On Label - NUM 48080 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Martinique • Genre: Funk / Soul, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Zouk
Download Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa

If the page doesn't load, or you don't hear the music, click your "Refresh" button. Welcome to Bill's Place. A collection of Friends In Recovery. Featuring a weekly Step Study from various 12 Step Recovery literature. With the occasional inspirational message or message Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa to a broad spectrum Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa varied spiritual practices. Most of us came to Narcotics Anonymous because we wanted to stop something - using drugs.

We probably didn't put much thought into what we were starting-a program of recovery-by coming to NA. But if we haven't taken a look at what we're getting out of this program, now might be a good time to pause and think about it.

First, we should ask ourselves what we want out of recovery. Most of us answer this question by saying that we just want to be comfortable, or happy, or serene. We just want to like ourselves. But how can we like ourselves when we didn't even know who we are? The Fourth Step gives us the means to begin finding out who we are, the information we'll need to begin to like ourselves and get those other things we expect from the program-comfort, happiness, serenity.

The Fourth Step heralds a new era in our recovery. Steps Four through Nine can be thought of as a process within a process. This process is meant to be done over and over again in recovery.

There is an analogy for this process Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa is particularly apt. We can think of ourselves as an onion. Each time we begin a Fourth Step, we are peeling away a layer of the onion and Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa closer to the core.

Each layer of the onion represents another layer of denial, the disease of addiction, our character defects, and the harm we've caused. The core represents the pure and healthy spirit that lies at the center of each one of us. It is our goal in recovery to have a spiritual awakening, and we get closer to that by beginning this process.

Our spirits awaken a little more each time we go through it. The Fourth Step is a method for learning about ourselves, and it is as much about finding our character assets as it is about identifying the exact nature of our wrongs.

The inventory process is also an avenue to freedom. We have been prohibited from being free for so long-probably all Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa lives.

Many of us have discovered, as we worked the Fourth Step, that our problems didn't begin the first time we took drugs, but long before, when the seeds of our addiction were actually planted. We may have felt isolated and different long before we took drugs. In fact, the way we felt and the forces that drove us are completely enmeshed with our addiction; it was our desire to change the way we felt and to subdue those forces that led us to take our first drug.

Our inventory will lay bare the unresolved pain and conflicts in our past so that we are no longer at their mercy. We'll have a choice. We'll have achieved a measure of freedom. This portion of the Step Working Guides actually has two distinct sections.

The first helps us prepare to work the Fourth Step by guiding us through an exploration of our motives for working this step and what this step means to us. The second part is a guide for actually taking a searching and fearless moral inventory. Though our motivation for working the Fourth Step is not as important as actually working the Fourth Step, we may find it helpful to examine and dispel any reservations we have about this step, and think about some of the benefits we will get as a result of working this step.

Do I have any reservations about working this step? What are they? Why shouldn't I procrastinate about working this step? What are the benefits of not procrastinating? This is the phrase that has most puzzled many of us. We probably understand what "searching" means, but what about "fearless"? How can we get over all our fear?

That might take years, we think; but we need to work on this inventory right away. Taking a fearless inventory means going ahead despite our fear. It means having the courage to take this action no matter how we feel about it.

It means having the courage to be honest, even when we're cringing inside and swearing that we'll take what we're writing to the grave. It means having the determination to be thorough, even when it seems that we've written enough. It means having the faith to trust this process and trust our Higher Power to give us whatever quality we need to walk through the process.

Let's face it: This step does involve a lot of work. But we can take heart from the fact that there's rarely a deadline on completing this step. Codespace - Various - Live Cinema 01 (DVD) can do it in manageable sections, a little at a time, until we are done.

The only thing that's important is Step On It - Acayouman - Funky KonSa we work on it consistently. There are times when our clean time can actually work against us: when we fail to acknowledge our fear of taking an inventory. Many of us who have worked the Fourth Step numerous times and know it's ultimately one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves may still find ourselves avoiding this task.

We may think that since we know how good this process is, we shouldn't have any fear of it. But we need to give ourselves permission to be afraid, if that's what we feel. We may also have fears that stem from our previous experiences with the Fourth Step. We know that an inventory means change in our lives. We know that if our inventories reveal destructive patterns, we can't continue to practice the same behaviors without a great deal of pain. Sometimes this means having to let go of something in our lives - some behavior we think we can't survive without; a relationship; or perhaps a resentment we've nursed so carefully that it's actually become, in a sick way, a source of reassurance and comfort.

The fear of letting go of something we've come to depend on, no matter how much we've begun to suspect it isn't good for us, is an absolutely valid fear. We just can't let it stop us. We have to face it and act with courage. We may also have to overcome a barrier that grows from an unwillingness to reveal more of our disease. Many Startouchers - Various - Technomania 3 our members with clean time have shared that an inventory taken in later recovery revealed that their addiction had spread its tentacles so completely through their lives that virtually no area was Outro - Spittfaia - Rette Sich Wer Kann: Lost Tapez Vol.1 untouched.

This realization is often initially met with feelings of dismay and perplexity. We wonder how we could still be so sick. Hasn't all this effort in recovery resulted in more than surface healing? Of course it has. We just need some time to remember that. Our sponsor will be happy to remind us. After we've had time to accept what our inventories are revealing, we feel a sense Flesh - Franck Vigroux - Rapport Sur Le Désordre hope rising to replace the feelings of dismay.

After all, an inventory always initiates a process of change and freedom. Why shouldn't it this time, too? What is my fear? What other action am I taking to reassure myself that I can handle whatever is revealed in this inventory?

Many of us have a multitude of unpleasant associations connected to the word "moral. It may make us think of people we consider "moral," people we think of as better than ourselves. Hearing this word may also awaken our tendency toward rebellion against society's morals and our resentment of authorities who were never satisfied with our morality.

Whether any of this is true for us, as individuals, is a matter to be determined by us, as individuals. If any of the preceding seems to fit, we can alleviate our discomfort with the word "moral" by thinking about it in a different way. In Narcotics Anonymous, in this step, the word "moral" has nothing to do with specific codes of behavior, society's norms, or the judgment of some authority figure.

A moral inventory is something we can use to discover our own individual morality, our own values and principles. We don't have to relate them in any way to the values and principles of others. The Fourth Step asks us to take an inventory of ourselves, not of other people. Yet when Without Me - Eminem - The Eminem Show begin writing and looking at our resentments, fears, behavior, beliefs, and secrets, we will find that most of these are connected to another person, or sometimes to an organization or institution.

It's important to understand that we are free to write whatever we need to about others, as long as it leads us to finding our part in the situation. In fact, most of us can't separate our part from their part at first. Our sponsor will help us with this. In the Fourth Step, we will call on all of the spiritual principles we began to practice in the first three steps. First of all, we have to be willing to work a Fourth Step. We'll need to be meticulously honest Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II ourselves, thinking about everything we write down and asking ourselves if it's true or not.

We'll need to be courageous enough to face our fear and walk through it. Last, but not least, our faith and trust will carry us through when we're facing a difficult moment and feel like giving up. Get a notebook or whatever means of recording your inventory you and your sponsor have agreed is acceptable. Get comfortable. Remove any distractions from the place where you plan to work on your inventory. Pray for the ability to be searching, fearless, and thorough.


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    The Fourth Step gives us the means to begin finding out who we are, the information we'll need to begin to like ourselves and get those other things we expect from the program-comfort, happiness, serenity. The Fourth Step heralds a new era in our recovery. Steps Four through Nine can be thought of as a process within a process.
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