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Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It

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Sign In. Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It Passage Hide Spoilers. Spikeopath 14 April As many Western fans know, Night Passage was all set up to be the sixth genre collaboration between director Anthony Mann and actor James Stewart.

After a run of successful and genre defining "adult" Westerns, the prospect of another was mouth watering to the genre faithful. The promise of something good was further boosted by the names of others involved in the project.

That's some serious Western credentials. But sadly Mann was to bail at the last minute, the reason s given vary depending on what source you believe. It's thought that Mann was unimpressed with Chase's screenplay, feeling it lacked a cutting edge as reportedly so did Stewart. In came TV director James Neilson and the film was wrapped and released with mixed commercial results.

Yet the film still remains today rather divisive amongst the Western faithful, due in the main one feels, to that Mann spectre of potentially a better film hanging over it.

Night Passage is a good enough genre offering, but the plot is slight and the story lacks the dark intensity that Mann, one thinks, would have given it. A story from which Chase's screenplay holds no surprises, it is in truth pretty underwhelming writing. With the actual core relationship of the brothers lacking any emotional depth. However, there's more than enough visually here to offset the standard plotting and make this a very enjoyable experience. Shot in Technicolor's short-lived "Technirama" process, the widescreen palette pings once the cameras leave the back lot and goes off into the mountains of Colorado.

Trains are the order of the day here, as Chase adapts from a story by Norman A. Fox, it's the train that becomes the central character, deliberate or not. Still, in spite of its literary flaws, Neilson shows himself to be competent with the action set pieces, of which there are quite a few. While Stewart is as reliable as ever, even getting to play an accordion a hobby of his since childhood and sing a couple of chirpy tunes.

Of the rest, Dianne Lisa Otto - Ave Maria leaves a good impression as the Utica Kid's Murphy girlfriend and Murphy himself does solid work with his cheeky grin, slick hair and black jacketed attire that shows Utica to be something of Im Your Puppet - Various - Thank You For The Music suspicious character.

Good but not great in writing and thematics, but essential for Western fans with big TV's. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. This is the Western that director Anthony Mann backed away from, claiming that the script was too weak.

Was he justified in doing so? How does "Night Passage" measure up when compared with the Mann Westerns? Is it as good? Let's look at the positives first. The scenery, filmed in the Colorado Rockies, is magnificent, on a par with the best of Mann's Westerns. As for action, there is plenty of it, climaxed with a great shootout.

The cast is experienced, many of them veterans from previous Mann efforts. No big difference here. Audie Murphy stands tall as the Utica Kid. He is introduced to the screen dramatically, framed against the sky dressed all in black as he pulls up his horse to look down upon the train that will soon be relieved of its precious cargo.

Back at the outlaw hideaway, he sits back in quiet amusement as he goads mercurial boss Whitey Harbin Dan Duryeaknowing how far he can push and when to back away. Definitely the most interesting character. However, "Night Passage" falls down in two very important areas, the treatment of the Paschendale - Iron Maiden - From Fear To Eternity - The Best Of 1990-2010 man and the strength of the overall script.

Mann's heroes are emotionally scarred, bordering on hysteria and total breakdown before finally getting the upper hand. Batucada - Various - Sounds From The Verve Hi-Fi Stewart's Grant McLaine never comes close to reaching that point, even though he has plenty of things to fret about; his brother is an outlaw, he lost his job with the railroad after helping his brother escape and he can't find another job.

He contents himself playing the accordion and singing for small change and we can never really get the feel of his deep resentment. Mann's Westerns are lean and taut, with no superfluous dialog and no wasted scenes. Director James Nielson, on the other hand, gets sidetracked, allowing himself to engage in the kind of tomfoolery that director John Ford was sometimes wont to do. At the railroad camp, workers, who we never see working, dance to McLaine's accordion playing until that degrades into a wild free-for-all.

Ford could pull Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It this kind of thing; Nielson is less successful. To sum up and answer the question, this Songo Tambo - Son Caribe - La Colegiala • Alay Cuy Cuy doesn't quite measure up to those of Mann's, but it's not bad either.

It can be enjoyed as entertainment as long as one doesn't look for great character depth. Whether Anthony Mann could have made it something more will forever be a matter of conjecture. Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It the contrary is the case. This is one of the best westerns of the 50's. Audie Murphy, continually underrated by the Hollywood big wigs, turns in his best performance ever, even better than in the more touted "The Red Badge of Courage" or in "To Hell and Back" in which he plays himself.

One senses that he is actually portraying himself more in "Night Passage" than in his autobiographical film. He is up against stiff competition and more than takes care of himself. James Stewart is fine as always and his accordion playing is Anna - Lucie Bílá - Requiem Pro Panenku (Original Soundtrack) average.

Hell, even his singing isn't all that bad. Some entertainers with less musical talent have built careers for themselves in the record industry. Dan Duryea gives an over the top rendition of gang leader Whitey Harbin, which isn't bad, just different for the gifted actor. The only one wasted in the picture is the fabulous Jack Elam, given only a minor character role with no place to go with it.

Come back, Shane! He's provided the opportunity by doing a job for the railroad, personally carrying the payroll to the workers at the end of the track to prevent Whitey and his gang from stealing it as they were in the habit of doing on a regular basis. There is a conflict of interest though since a gun riding with the Whitey gang is The Utica Kid Murphy with whom McLaine has a Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It connection.

Unable to find the payroll, Whitey and his gang kidnap the wife of railroad tycoon, Ben Kimball Jay C. Flippenholding her until the payroll is turned over to them. The title "Night Passage" concerns not only the action that takes place in the night between McLaine and the gang but also the personal transactions that occur among the assorted characters involved in the resolution of the story.

Another asset for "Night Passage" is the cinematography zeroing in on the beautiful Colorado landscape around Durango.

The Narrow Gauge Railroad train ride from Durango to Silverton is available for tourists to see the topography first hand. As good a Western as it is, "Night Passage" was filmed under quite unfortunate circumstances. The primary disaster involved the breakup of James Stewart my favorite actor and director Anthony Mann, who suddenly walked off the picture very early in production. Apparently the cast and crew knew about Stewart's and Mann's parting of ways and simply wished to get the picture over with.

And according to Jack Elam, who played one of the bad guys named Shotgun, the miserable weather in Durango, Colorado caused delays in the filming and subsequently some pretty hot tempers. Flippen to defend the payroll train against Whitey Harbin Dan Duryea and his gang. Stewart and Murphy do a very fine job together in this Western, Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It the casting of Duryea as the head villain is so great it is quite Mobilizmo Il - P.

Mobil - Magyar Fal - Budai Ifjúsági Park, 1983. Április. 29 (DVD). One particular author pointed out that Duryea gives one of his whiniest performances in "Night Passage," and he is correct.

The best thing about this film is that it offers Stewart the opportunity to play the accordion, which he did in real life, and sing. Watch how brilliantly Stewart handles a rifle in "Winchester '73" or how accurately he handles the slide positions on a trombone in "The Glenn Miller Story" These two examples reveal the authenticity of Stewart's handling of various objects on film, as if he had used them all his life. Hence I am at a complete loss to understand why Stewart could not be equally as authentic with the accordion, an instrument he had played since he was a boy.

Fortunately, I do not allow this disappointment to prevent me from enjoying the three songs. But it is still a good one, with beautiful scenery, shoot-'em-up action, a lively dance sequence, and pleasant music. Workmanlike western with a good cast that gets better in the second half bob the moo 16 May The workers on the railroad are threatening to stop work and slow down the progress across the country because they haven't been getting paid.

Every time the payroll is brought in it is stolen by Whitey Harbin and his gang. Thinking that nobody would suspect him, the bosses ask ex-employee Grant McLaine to carry the money on the next train.

I was drawn to this film by the names in the cast list, which Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It a good thing because it were these names that made the film better than they were by virtue of their performances.

The actual plot is quite plodding in the first half but gets better in the second half. Even with this stronger half though it is still not a great western that could possibly compare to Stewart's better films.

The musical numbers, dances and gentle set up of the first half almost had be losing interest and it is only the twists and gun fights of the final 30 minutes that make it memorable and worth seeing. Stewart is always watchable and he carries the film well here. He is not a great singer but he does OK with the songs given him but his greater input is in delivering a tough character who is not all pure goodness but has a bit of a past to him. Murphy is cool and slick but he isn't a great actor and he isn't able to Night Passage - Deane Delli-Bovi - Its What You Make It the slightly irrational Utica Kid work as a person.

Overall this is nothing special but it is still quite enjoyable. The number of well known names in the cast prevent me from calling it a B-movie but essentially that's what it could have been if not for the stars. The plot is deadly slow for the first half but has a good, fast-paced final 30 minutes that make up for it.

The actors in particular James Stewart lift the film and make it feel better and it is fun if pretty unmemorable. The character Stewart portrays in "Night Passage" is the kind Mann intensely dislikes A railroad worker entrusted with a payroll finds that the bandits, trying to rob it, are led by his own brother, so he assumes the blame for it himself With a soft cast including Brandon de Wilde and Herbert Anderson, Stewart felt himself very much in command Maybe because he had enough of getting thrown under horses hooves, being shot in the hand, and dragged through fire


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    "Deane Delli-Bovi is one of those rare artists who combines first rate craftmanship with daring innovation and wide ranging varsatility." -B. Earle, Clear Productions, Inc. Deane Delli-Bovi is an instrumental New Age/Fusion artist from the wilds of upstate NY.5/5(1).

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