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Chasm - Isomorphic - Memory Weave

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Label: diametric. - 23-diam. • Format: CD Album, Limited Edition, Numbered • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: IDM, Dark Ambient, Downtempo, Electro, Experimental
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Subreddit for Wheel of Time related posts. All posts need a spoiler designation in the title. Eg "[Spoilers Winter's Heart] I love this book". Link flair can be added Chasm - Isomorphic - Memory Weave posting, look for the "flair" link under the text of the post. If you want to talk about books beyond what is indicated in the title, use reddit's spoiler hiding features to ensure everyone has a good reading experience.

This format is sensitive to spaces, so be sure to check that your spoilers are properly hidden after posting. Check out this handy post for suggestions on what to read after you have finished The Wheel of Time! Please do not post links to unauthorized downloads of copyrighted material! Support the author! After I finished reading Darths and Droids, a webcoming where the starwars movies are retold from the perspective of the Chasm - Isomorphic - Memory Weave characters being player characters in a tabletop roleplaying game, I started thinking about applying that premise to the Wheel of Time.

Turns out, it fits well. Exceedingly well. For the group's new fantasy campaign, he wants to try out his new, custom-made fantasy setting and rules. DM: Alright, everyone, you've had time to make your sheets. What did you come up with? Egwene and Nynaeve both classed as mages, Mat just minmaxed his luck stat, Perrin's a druid, and R: Oh, I just took the nemesis quality maxed out three times, the 'inevitable death' negative trait, channeling madness, maxed code of honor can't hurt women.

DM: ザ・ヘッドマスターズ (Instrumental Version) - No Artist - Transformers: History Of Music 1984-1990 maxed Spirit of 88 - Das Beste aus 10 Jahren qualities How have you already made three of them as some village idiot?

R: Oh. I got distracted trying to find negative qualities that stacked. DM: A man and a woman walk into town. You can see the man is wearing some sort of magic cloak, and the woman looks like a high level caster.

DM: What? You're a level zero, you haven't even unlocked casting yet. These two are level 17 and N: You get away this time, Moiraine. But one day, I'm gonna outlevel you, and I'm gonna kill you and take your shit. DM: You and Mat find yourselves in a room full of treasure. The evil of the city hangs especially hea. DM: Uhhh You get a definite, ominous sense from the pile. Almost like it's cursed or something. One day, Rand's brings his IRL girlfriend to the session and she thinks channeling is boring so she asks for a special snowflake character with unique magic.

Then, halfway through the session, she realizes that magic is actually way more cool than her prophecy stuff, so she abandons it and asks for a caster instead. Ooh, and they should be a princess, too! Then she disappears Rebel Train - Various - Version To Version 5 sessions and comes back during the Aiel arc and asks for a new character again.

R: Wait, you're telling me there's a level 9 angreal just sitting in the Stone of Tear? And it's not guarded by any casters? I immediately leave to go claim it. R: No, I leave alone. No way in hell am I gonna let someone else take my loot. That shit's mine. DM: You're in a room with a Seanchan blademaster - he sneers at you and draws his blade. You get. M: Okay I want an unbreakable magic weapon. Also fuck magic, I'm tired of getting fucked by curses and Nynaeve's stupid character for the last 8 sessions because I didn't wanna play a girl, so just make me immune to that.

While I'm at it I just want a shit ton of skill points, because maxing luck isn't great with such shitty roll modifiers in everything, and, uhhhh.

DM: No, that's your three wishes right there. And, looking at the table, that's two magic items, and 60 CP worth of skill points, for which the cost is DM: This is the fourth time you've taken the 'distinctive mark' quality. Isn't it getting a little old? DM: Alright, the hall has called you here to call Chasm - Isomorphic - Memory Weave to task for pretending to be Aes Sedai all this time.

Egwene, what do you do. R: Alright screw all this commander shit. I'm booored. I grab Callandor and just cast mass lightning on the entire Seanchan army. R: Hey, what level spell would it be to get rid of this taint thing? It makes casting really hard. DM: Oh, you can't. N: Rand's level 16, I'm level Shadar Logoth attacks everything, including the Dark One, so that's a level 27 magically affected location with a directly applicable Chasm - Isomorphic - Memory Weave . That's 38 vs a DC minus 27 is Rand found those two max-level angreal a while back.

Then, we just take 20 on the casting check. DM: But then you'd be vulnerable for hours! All the Forsaken would come at you at once!

R: That's why I did this stupid Cadsuanne side quest. We'll be fiiiiine. DM: But I balanced the entire system around the taint! Male casters cap out three levels higher than female ones!

R: Hey, man, you're the one who wanted to do this asymmetrical gender-based casting thing in the first place. This is incredible. I pity the GM. Random's shenanigans are too strong, especially when combined with Mat's insane luck stat. I just lol'ed in my office at the crit fail of "casting lightning at the whole Seanchan army"! Level 1 Gnome Sorcerer. Shocking grasp spell.

Iron quarter staff nicknamed cattle prod. Second round of combat i rolled a 1 and hit myself. That is the only time i have one shot killed myself in a game. I did the same at my office this morning around the same time. I was playing a low level monk, and I picked way of the open hand. My DM said I could jump a chasm if I punched the ground and did a flip. I crit failed both the attack roll on the fucking ground and the acrobatics check. I punched one of my party Youre Hot (Remix) - D.

Ross - Youre Hot into the chasm and I fell into the abyss myself. And you went to the Old age bracket? This is going to be a 12. Chiarina - Schumann*, Cristina Ortiz - Carnaval, Papillons, Kinderscenen high-combat game, are you sure that's what you want to play with?

TBH, I think every skill in the book has been maxed by Thom. The GM got frustrated at Random and asked for more realistic characters, so Felix took the age brackets just to let himself have enough time to earn the skills. Her being there isn't nearly so bad as the side quest they got put on to explain in-character why she couldn't make it when she was on night shift for a month. I guess Moraine's player on the other hand set Chasm - Isomorphic - Memory Weave up beforehand so that her character could sacrifice heroically when she went to study abroad for a semester and still come back in awesome way.

Well he rolls 20s on everything except understanding women Rand and Parren have much better stats when it comes to women. And hey, Chasm - Isomorphic - Memory Weave the WoT show goes on long enough to cover all the books, it could be used to make an actual screencap comic in the same vein! Nynaeve: 1.

Every damn time! This stupid game sucks arse! You're a crap GM and the rest of you turds can go suck it! M: Has flirted with every serving girl and pretty much woman he looks at So, I go to meet with the queen of this bloodthirty town


Elle Voulait Faire Du Cinéma - Dorothée - LEssentiel, Nāk Nakts! - Various - Dziesmu Izlase – 80-tie #1, Dan Dan - Loredana Bertè - Lorinedita, Naturehold - Invent, Animate - Everchanger, Viens - Les Yeux Noirs - Tchorba


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    Sep 27,  · diametric. is a Glasgow based label, which releases vinyl, CD's and tapes, strictly limited and hand numbered. Digital versions of the releases are released with a weeks delay. The philosophy behind the label is easily explained.
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    Apr 24,  · THE FULL ALBUM IS AVAILABLE HERE: frostseekerbearonanaralore.infoinfo Video by Pete Burton aka T.
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    May 15,  · Tree Isomorphism Problem. Write a function to detect if two trees are isomorphic. Two trees are called isomorphic if one of them can be obtained from other by a series of flips, i.e. by swapping left and right children of a number of nodes. Any number of nodes at any level can have their children swapped. Two empty trees are isomorphic/5.
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    Isomorphic project debut album Memory Weave. The album is again focusing on modular synthesis experimentation with a strong focus on musicality.
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    isomorphic if there is a one-to-one and onto and cycles in a graph Explore how graphs are represented in computer memory Learn about Euler and Hamilton making a Hamiltonian Cycle. Book Embeddings of Chessboard Graphs - Weave. Finagled (manual manipulation) Focused mainly on the 4x4 queens graph. and Weave Patterns.
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    Jan 13,  · Sheffield based John Shima returns to diametric. with his Isomorphic project and presents his debut album "Memory Weave". The album was crafted in John's studio in the second half of and is again focusing on modular synthesis experimentation with a strong focus on musicality/5(8).
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    The Dice Weave As The Dice Will After I finished reading Darths and Droids, a webcoming where the starwars movies are retold from the perspective of the main characters being player characters in a tabletop roleplaying game, I started thinking about applying that premise to the Wheel of Time.
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    Five hundred patients with the isomorphic pattern of the isoenzymes of serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) were surveyed. The isomorphic pattern of LDH isoenzymes is defined as a significant increase of total LDH with normal or low percentage of individual fractions, but with the LDH1;2 ratio less than unity.
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