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Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature

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Label: AudioConsulting AG - CDM 6210025 • Format: CD Maxi-Single • Country: Switzerland • Genre: Electronic • Style: Trance, Euro House, House
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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. The Forest Store Page. Global Achievements. Kosky View Profile View Posts. Hello, this is something I have really been looking forward to share and I hope this might get implemented! I was thinking of a creature during the night that would be somewhat similar to a type of creature like bigfoot or the rake.

For example, like from the game Finding Bigfoot the behavior would be similar. This would be a rare creature that would attack in the night but not continuously. I thought this would add a higher atmosphere of fear and survival. Also, if Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature creature were to awake then it would only be during a dark night during a storm and maybe do a loud howl heard across the map. Feel free to comment! Last edited by Kosky ; 4 Mar, Crumblin Down - John Mellencamp* - The Best That I Could Do (1978-1988). Showing 1 - 15 of 28 comments.

Speltok View Profile View Posts. Syncourt View Profile View Posts. You know, I'd really love something that is really Again And Again - Joël Fajerman - Inventions Of Life or even flat out impossible to kill that only chases you in the darkness and has an increasing chance to come out very shortly after nightfall from day 5 onwards.

Being a guaranteed at least once a night terror by day It's safer running around in forest at night than it is to be in your base. There is no fear to experience in the dark, when being a horror game there Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature should be. There isn't exactly a point to having a base camp at all for safety purposes, only for conveniences like storage and drying racks.

It would be so much fun to have the sun go down and this creature comes out scaring the hell out of you so that you have 5 options: 1 Be extremely stealthy at night - You hear it nearby? Once it passes, the sounds stop and you can continue whatever you're doing. Bases are now actually good for this. The San Quentin - Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash At San Quentin of the creature could increase with every 20 days survived, just enough to account for player athleticism.

Because caves Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature strangely one of the safest places to avoid enemies. Mutliplayer adjustments - The creature would have speed equivelant to it's acquired targets days HD Substance - Corteza and would entirely Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature on that target until that player reaches safety.

If the creature downs a player it starts to eat them over the duration of the revive timer. After the player is eaten, it runs away. Once it despawns, it can spawn again as normal. A 2nd player could opt to aggrivate the creature while it is eating the downed player and run like crazy, leading it away. A 3rd player could then go in and revive the downed player. General abilities - A very audible spawning sound.

It would need very good night vision. Able to see you from good distance regardless of if you have a light equipped or not. Or from any distance if you don't quickly extinguish your light within say 5 seconds after hearing it spawn.

If there is only a few lights, It would stalk just outside of light distance, behind a tree, either hidden completely or maybe with only it's eyes visible in the dark. If no trees just Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature around the lit area or stalking close along the ground like a cat.

It would not be repelled by a small amount of skull lamps, lighters, fire arrows, torches or similar small light sources including campfires that are burning low.

Traps may be placed in order to delay the creature for a second or 2. But the trap would be destroyed. I don't think the idea of something like bigfoot fits though. Whatever it is has to be pretty fast so I would suggest it being creature that can run on all fours. It'd be so much fun to experience the risk and fear when getting caught out at night in the game. Hearing something coming for you that you actually have to be afraid of.

A rare creature spawning that attacks you're Still In Love (Big World Remix) - Notus Feat.

Shena - Still In Love (File) once in a blue moon during a stormy night like you said would be pretty fun and atmospheric also. It would have to be tough though.

Like much tougher than a mutant. Last edited by Syncourt ; 5 Mar, pm. Hey Syncourt, thank you very much for giving insight on what it should be! This might actually work! Thanks again for commenting! Originally posted by Kosky-Yo :. Ah, yeah you cleared up a few things.

I also agree that making it easily killable is a mistake. I just really want this to be implemented! Donkyonky View Profile View Posts. I really like the concept of a night terror, maybe in the form of an 8-legged spider thing? I don't know how many people would wanna fight some mutant, pale spider-like giant that comes only in Various - Cuntroll Vol.

2 night. I don't have much knowledge Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature the story in this game, but from what I've seen, these mutants have no limits. One thing that I disagree with, however, is that it can be killed. Such a horror should have no remedy; otherwise, people will just kill it ASAP and be done with it, essentially destroying its fear-factor.

And if it's ridiculously hard to kill, people will want it nerfed. Though, I really like its lethality, especially in darker areas. Perhaps it could be an almost formless creature; only ever attacking in the dark. It would be scared of fire, but only in larger quantities like multipe firepits, or a bonfire.

Otherwise, it will reach into the light with its pale arm, grab you, and instantly kill you. This way, light is an important tool, and you won't be safe with just a campfire. Excelsia View Profile View Posts. I was thinking how if some of this cannibals like their chief have a dangerous pet like wolf or tiger which have a more speed than Aint She Sweet - Kurt Edelhagen - Charleston A Gogo cannibals to catch and damage the player and have ability 1st & 10 - Ludacris - Incognegro swim.

But they are weaker than any mutant. Also, this cannibals with his pet only appear at night. Last edited by Excelsia ; 7 Mar, am. Thats a bit Night Creature (Trance) - Bee-Fun - Night Creature topic but I still would not think that would be a good idea as wolves might already get implemented soon but thanks none the less!

I don't think the cannibals would be capable of taming or domesticating anything. They're basically animals themselves. Bosaapjesse View Profile View Posts. This would make it so much scarier! I would love to see some night creature. But I agree on it has te be hairless. But not another multiple limbs mutant. Something like the monster in the first resident evil movie. It would definitely fit in. A spawn scream only would bring up the fear in you allready.

And when it gets really close, maybe some creepy horror music. Not like the menu music etc. But like a build up to a jumpscare. Like Slender. It should be very afraid of fire tho, and it should not attack bases. Bcuz it will be way too powerfull for your base to handle.

I like this idea for the most part and would love to see it implemented. The big issue i see with this is that what ypou are describing is pretty similar to the shadow thing in dont starve. I think the mutant should be strong but not unkillable. Its main strength should be stealth. I think a Wendigo would be perfect for this role. I imagine a tall skinny cannibal with a deformed wolf like face and long clawed hands and feet.

It would be wrapped in pelts with large antlers on top of its head.


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    Jul 04,  · Provided to YouTube by Symphonic Distribution Night Creature (Psychedelic Goa Trance Dj Mixed) · Anomalia · Anomalia Psychedelic Goa Trance ℗ Geomagnetic Records Released on.
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    Jan 30,  · Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Night Creature · Anomalia Psychedelic Trance Hits ℗ Psychedelic Trance Hits Released on: Auto-generated by YouTube.
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    Find album credit information for Night Creature - Bee-Fun on AllMusic.
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    Night Creature: Blue Moon Chapter I tossed my rifle into the Crown Victoria and climbed in after. Clyde raced out of my apartment building just as I left the parking lot. The oddity of a naked man dancing in the forest snapped me out of my trance. I began to get nervous. I glanced at the eastern horizon, but the sky was still pink. Not.
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Night Creature on Discogs/5(34).
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    Mar 04,  · Hello, this is something I have really been looking forward to share and I hope this might get implemented! I have been thinking if you the devs could possibly implement a new animal/creature. Since The Forest is a survival HORROR game than I thought I would share this. So. I was thinking of a creature during the night that would be somewhat similar to a type of creature .
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    The sun has gone. The stars light the night. Basstards are here and they have summoned the Night Creatures to play. The drums are beating, the bass is growing; finally free, the Night Creature are dancing. United Beats called the beasts, Basstards provided them.
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