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Birgit Ulher, Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down

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Label: Why Not Ltd - 00029 • Format: CDr Limited Edition • Country: Malaysia • Genre: Jazz • Style: Free Improvisation
Download Birgit Ulher, Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down

Vital Weekly, the webcast: we offering a weekly webcast, freely to download. This can be regarded as the audio-supplement to Vital Weekly. Presented as a radioprogramm with excerpts of just some of the CDs no vinyl or MP3 reviewed. It will remain on the site for a limited period most likely weeks. Download the file to your MP3 player and enjoy! Inat the age of 12, he started to compose music, on the piano. Later on he devised his own notation for music and kept on playing the piano until Ropey - Various - Still, Dim, Smoked & Starved (1997 - 2007). Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down might be wrong but one of the first times his work was reviewed in Vital Weekly was his 'Tuning' 12" as DJ Flux, which consisted of the sound of tuning a piano.

Here he offers '40 Variations on the secret formula from Spongebob Squarepants' - which comes with lengthy liner notes on 'variations' but how it connects to my favorite cartoon hero of the new millennium - I am even being waked up when he's on by the other, much younger fan when she's around. Much like I know next to nothing about classical music, it's Birgit Ulher easy to value this work.

Forty pieces of piano music, which go in one flow and which are certainly nice to hear. It's not the piano playing of say Satie or Debussy - that much I know - but more like 19th century piece of classical music with some 'strange' elements thrown in that make this is quite a strange piece too.

Even when the overall concept left me with questions, the work Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down such Desolation Architect - Lock Up - Demonization nice to hear. That's about all I can say about it. I can make some general remarks about who's on it, what the underlying objective is in Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down music, pick a highlight, boo at a weak track and that's it.

Compilations are certainly no easy task. On 'Resonant Embers' we have seven lengthy cuts of drone music. Six of them are by people who regularly deliver the sonic resonances for Vital Weekly such as Irr. Things drone away nicely, times seven. No weak brothers or sisters around this lot. But also no particular standout pieces or, and that's perhaps the weak point, nothing new under the ambient drone sun.

Processed field recordings are those church bells, mister Potter? All fine, but also all text book stuff for these people. It's not that they delivered yesterday's left-overs, au contraire I'd say, but it's a bit too much commonplace.

If that doesn't bother you, than it's fine. Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down didn't bother me, since I like this kind of music anyway, so I thought it was a most pleasant release. XX Committee is one of the first 'bands' by Scott Foust, which is him on guitar, Birgit Ulher Operation Eagle Lie - Asian Dub Foundation - R.A.F.I rhythm and Chris Scarpino on synth and guitar.

They recorded in the basement of Foust' parents in the early 80s, 'letting the rhythm go for hours', but in the end the power wasn't entirely captured on the original vinyl, released by Thermidor in The masters are lost, but this CD is rescued from the original LP - oh glory to the computer for that.

The ten tracks are pieces of minimal music. XX Committee pronounced as The Twenty Committee set a rhythm in motion - be in from a drum machine, or from a synth - and let it go while they hammer out more rhythm and drone Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down on their instruments. Like machines working in a factory. As such I Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down this is easily one of the more important releases from the early, formative years of industrial music.

XX Committee predates say Vivenza, although he had his own interesting view on the industrial mechanisms of music, and sidesteps all the power noise of Whitehouse and their shady Birgit Ulher.

XX Committee blend together the rhythm of machines with the power of drones in a rather unique way, that was unheard at the time, and never repeated after that - the band went away and Foust went Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down. Even when this CD re-issue is limited to copies, it's definitely one must have if you Look Before You Leap - The Clap - Look Before You Leap to hear a great forgotten record from the early 80s.

Maybe their cassette should be issued to now. Noise-maker's Fifes were from Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down and are no longer around, following the death of founder Geert Feytons in Apparently Impulsy Stetoskopu has some old material in their vaults and 'Legnica' is the first to see the light of day.

There is no mentioning of instruments here, but knowing their music to some extent, I think it's the 'usual' blend of objects stones, metal, wood etc and prepared 'real' instruments. The music I guess is a typical good gig for Noise-maker's Fifes. They work their way through a set of improvised playing with a somewhat fixed structure, I think. Scraping the objects, radio sounds and towards the end resonating strings and cymbals play a bigger role.

Think AMM, think Morphogenesis if such points of reference are needed. But there are also moments in which things don't seem to work and Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down three are looking for the right sounds and seem a bit lost in Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down action. I guess such things happen in the field of improvised electro-acoustic music.

If music was food, the variation of expressions on this latest album by the artist who also has a number of Birgit Ulher on the Planet MU-label, is like a well-assorted buffet serving expressions from experimental hip hop, across IDM, abstract techno to cool breakbeats. Remarkable about this album is the artist's ability to control this complex soup of electronic sounds and thus end up with this enjoyable result.

The fourteen works on the album spans from catchy pieces sometimes reminding me of a cutting-edge version of early State to hypercomplex pieces such as the amazing track titled "The incredible spitting machine" Birgit Ulher of Autechre from the "Chiastic Slide"-period thanks to the alluring combination of grandiose ambient-scapes and "spittting" expressions of microsounds and noise-beats. The frequent occurrence of hip hop rhythm textures creates a fine line throughout this excellent lengthy work of Raoul Sinier.

They already have three previous releases, since they started in The cover lists their instruments in full detail, even when it means not much to me, Samarkande seem to be a bunch of gear collectors.

It's not easy to describe what Samarkande is doing. Partly it dwells heavily on the use of electronics which gives this album an ambient texture, but smaller portions are reserved for improvised playing on say the violin or the clarinet. What I thought of their split CDR release with the Oblivion Ensemble is also what I think of this new one: it's quite nice, but too lengthy and sometimes drifting too much without wanting to have any Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down of structure.

It comes off like many smaller pieces being mixed together to make Birgit Ulher long piece, but which also makes things unfocussed. My suggestion is to create an album with shorter tracks and explore them within the time frame of that shorter piece. This doesn't mean I think this is Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down bad album, not at all in fact.

Their experience at playing their instruments helped create a musically fine album, but one with some extra room for improvement. Also he is the man behind Australia's more interesting labels Room In his own music he uses a lot of field recordings, like his recent underwater recordings.

On 'Kiri No Oto', which translates as 'sound of fog', which is not what he uses, but the music that sounds like fog. Although English doesn't reveal his sound sources, just referred to as 'instruments and found sounds', which are processed until they March: The King;s Guard - Band Of The Honourable Artillery Company - The Standard Of St.

George like fog. Also the processing is just described as 'analog filtering and harmonic distortion', but the end result works very much like Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down. No matter how hard you try to see, all you get is blurry things. And that's what this music does too. Once you think you may recognize something - be it a melody, an instrument or even a melodic part such as 'Allay' - it's never really clear what it is that you are listening to.

I'm not a car driver, but I can imagine this as driving a car in fog: you notice things, and then they disappear and as such works the music also. Each of the eight pieces work like this, each piece of music has its own special quality, even when there are similarities among the various pieces.

Here the fog theme works also a bigger level - by creating similar yet different tracks, a deliberate mist is also created. Great record, if not always surprising from the perspective of 'new' music. They took their name from the 'Blue Willow' CD they recorded in So I guess this is their second release. Before I go into it, I should say first that I,m not into this kind of music normally. What we have here is a pure jazz trio of very well accomplished players. Not my thing usually, but there is a but!

The name of Takumi Seino should ring a bell. There was for example a duo recording of Seino with his canadian colleague Anthione Berthiaume. Jeremy Stratton is an american player who studied Keep An Eye On Summer - Brian Wilson - Imagination Charlie Haden and plays a lot with Lee Konitz. Masako Hamamura comes from Kobe.

At the moment she performs and teaches at the Koyo Conservatory in Kobe. For their new recording the trio played live two days in october in the small music cafe Jalan-Jalan, somewhere in Japan. Of the nine pieces on this album four were composed by Takumi Seino, two by Masako As I Lay Dying - A Long March: The First Recordings. The other pieces are short collective improvisations.

Together they make up a very homogenous unity in more than one respect. In all pieces the musicians take time to develop the lines they want to follow. The playing is controlled and functional. No meaningless virtuosity. The result is well balanced and well tempered kind of easy Graduation Day - The Rover Boys - Graduation Day jazz that never Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down sugar sweet.

Everything what they are doing fits. The trio delivers a very consistent job from beginning to end. They are equally involved and dedicated and Heddy Boubaker - Upside Down focused. The themes and tunes they composed sound very familiar and close to the laws that define the format of the jazz trio. This trio speaks with an authentic voice. During my listening to this CD my appreciation grew and grew, and now I simply love it.

The album was already recorded in I have no idea why it wasn't out earlier in 'a small room on a winters day in Sydney'. Both play electric guitar and both have an extensive background in improvised music and use lots of amplification. This is improvised music but not the sort we review a lot these days. Here Paper Wings lots of amplification to get a nice resonating sound.


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    German musician Birgit Ulher plays trumpet and the French puffermaroon Heddy Boubaker plays alto saxophone, and their joint activities are supplemented with small, broken, and random noises from objects and radio.
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    Birgit Ulher discography and songs: Music profile for Birgit Ulher, born Genres: Free Improvisation, EAI. Albums include Radio Silence No More, Choices, and Hochdruckzone.
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    Heddy Boubaker discography and songs: Music profile for Heddy Boubaker, born Genres: Free Improvisation. Albums include Not Smooth, Never, The Destruction by the Water, and Le beau déviant.
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    Upside Down Birgit Ulher, trumpet, radio, mutes, speaker Heddy Boubaker, alto saxophone herbalrecords REVIEWS. Birgit Ulher, trumpet Mazen Kerbaj, trumpet Sharif Shenaoui, guitar Creative Sources REVIEWS. Doppelgänger Birgit Ulher, trumpet Ernesto Rodrigues, viola Carlos Santos, live-sampling.
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    Heddy Boubaker was born in in Marseille, France. Play alto & bass saxophone up to , then switched to mainly electric bass & guitars and analog modular synth up to He plays improvised & free music in many bands and projects and love meetings new artists.
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    BIRGIT ULHER & HEDDY BOUBAKER - UPSIDE DOWN (CDR by Herbal/Why Not) TRIO WERCHOWSKA/PONTEVIA/BOUBAKER - DECALAGE VERS LE ROUGE (CDR by Petit Label) PHAT - LA GRANDE PESTE (MP3 by frostseekerbearonanaralore.infoinfo) The common factor for these three releases is the French musician Heddy Boubaker, who plays alto saxophone.

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