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Nothing In Return - Gimme The Gun - Green Grooves

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Label: Not On Label (Gimme The Gun Self-released) - none • Format: Cassette Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Indie Rock
Download Nothing In Return - Gimme The Gun - Green Grooves

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Tedford - Anticipation Open Discussion Gunsmithing What can we as individuals or a group do about gun violence? Page 75 of First Last Jump to page: Results 1, Joey - Franti - Non Classificato 1, of Thread: What can we as individuals or a group do about gun violence?

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Note also that both Giffords and her astronaut husband Mark Kelly are gun owners. Lots of left wing politicians are gun owners. They are important people and need to be able to protect themselves. UncleFrankScottlmhajicek liked this post.

One thing about background checks for gun purchases, I have CCW permits from two states, and both have recently been reminted, why do I have to pay for a BG check back to my eary teens when they already know I've passed about 40 of them in the past 35 years?

Why is there not an end to the cost of checks when they only have to look back, in my case less than three months? What percentage of people who go year after year passing BG checks sudenly go whacko and start murdering people? Not enough to matter I'm sure. It seems to me the call would go like this, "Subject John Doe, at address third st Dallas Tx, drivers licenseht 5'9" weight lbs brown eyes, natural born citizen Brownsville Tx " "Hold please" "Mr Brown passed a BG check in may of this year and has no wants nor warrants since then, he's OK".

And the charge should be rolled into his former checks, for life. Originally Posted by partsproduction. Kurt Learningmhajicek liked this post. Universal background checks creates a database of gun owners. When the last person with guns alive today dies and his property dispersed under universal background checks every gun owner in the country will be registered. The antigunners are playing the long game here.

Nothing In Return - Gimme The Gun - Green Grooves looked at some of the poll methodology and don't believe their methods support this finding. I've been to hundreds of gun shows. I've been around hundreds of thousands of gun owners at gun shows, ranges, matches, etc. I'm sure a significant percentage of those attendees belong to the NRA. I've yet to talk to anybody that supports universal background checks. Some of the universal background check supporters even admit it would not have helped in the vast majority of cases.

Scottlmhajicek liked this post. Originally Posted by snowman. Back in my gun-nut days I was pretty heavy in to casting and reloading. Having a machine shop and being a natural entrepreneur, I delved headfirst in to making stuff to sell. Then I started networking with other gun nuts And that was the end of that venture.

I quickly realized that if I was going to be successful, I'd have Nothing In Return - Gimme The Gun - Green Grooves listen to people talk to me about weather control, chemtrails, various secret societies and whathaveyou I just couldn't do it.

I just liked to shoot shit. I mean, I too am analytical So exactly what is a "universal background check"? This "universal" sounds suspiciously like the "comprehensive" in immigration reform which is code for amnesty and open borders. Like in the case Pete postulated ," guy beats up his girlfriend" should be cause for a check?

No, that's domestic violence and that is all it takes. This just shows us that Pete does Nothing In Return - Gimme The Gun - Green Grooves know anything about the law but he wants to add to it. Scottl liked this post. Nothing In Return - Gimme The Gun - Green Grooves Posted Jonny Craig - Aperture jim rozen.

Scottlmhajicekpartsproduction liked this post. Originally Posted by tdmidget. OxScottlmhajicektdmidget liked this post. Originally Posted by GGaskill. Once you understand that the purpose of the TSA is not to make you safer, but to condition people to be submissive to authority an extension of the educational system, it all makes more sense.

Obama was once quoted as saying, "The TSA is my private army. Originally Posted by PeteM. Don't claim to be an expert on all 50 states, but it's very clear to me that it's possible to Sweet Georgia Brown - Jimmy Smith - Kind Of Smith a gun in many states without a background check in a private sale.

ScottlOx liked this post. This is second hand information, so don't necessarily take it as gospel, but a friend tells me about a combine operator who starts in Texas and follows the harvest all the way into Canada.

Supposedly a number of his workers are undocumented Mexicans. Immigration knows it and looks the other way, both crossing the border to Texas and Canada. They work from June to October, no doubt hard work, and then go back to Mexico with pockets full of money For a couple of decades I had my hair cut by a legal Mexican immigrant. He died and now his daughter does it. Her view on illegals is "Send them back and let them come in legally. Originally Posted by CAMasochism. Lies, damned lies, statistics, the angry racist jim rozen.

Nobody wants to take your guns? TD -- Pete has bought guns in states both with and without background checks. Unlike others, I'm more concerned about nut cases getting guns and less concerned I'll be judged among them.

As far as immigration reform goes, I don't personally know anyone who advocates open borders. Sure they exist, especially around here, but they're a fringe minority. We'd likely have fewer illegals today had it passed. As far as I'm concerned every law that infringes against American gun rights since September 17, is illegal, the product of slimy tyrants, a pox on all of them. They should all have been jailed or exiled. All this Uptown Up - Maceo Parker - Funkoverload rush against our gun rights is but one charge against a strong and just society, and there are many such charges, all by the same people, and all traitors or at the very least ignorant fools.

ScottlmhajicekYan Wo liked this post. Originally Posted by mhajicek. I carry a one-hand opening knife and a Leatherman with me every day, every moment that I'm wearing pants. I feel naked without them. And I use both several times every day; going without them would almost be like being one-handed.

But that's the direction England has gone, and that's the direction America will go too if we allow civilian disarmament to continue. We've already "compromised" dozens of times, giving up more and more each time with nothing in return. I say not one more inch. I keep hearing this "access to guns is too easy" line over and over, but it's completely missing the point. In a free country access to everything should be easy. By saying you want it to be more difficult you're saying you want this to not be Ej Hodža!

- Frenkie - Povratak Cigana free country. You want the government to decide who has rights and who doesn't, based on some metric that a government agency will decide.

I can understand saying if you've been convicted of a severe violent offense you should lose that right, but making it extra-judicial and attempting to be predictive is going way too far. The way the constitution is written, if you're going to follow it you can't suspend a person's rights or confiscate their legally owned property without FIRST accusing them of a crime, allowing them to face their accuser and all evidence, and offer their defense and evidence in a fair trial.

Then and only then, if a guilty verdict is reached, can you suspend a person's rights. Red flag laws completely bypass this due process, putting the cart before the horse, suspend a person's rights and confiscate their legally owned property, and THEN allow the person to endure a lengthy, expensive, and difficult process to attempt to prove their innocence not even of a crime, but of being potentially dangerousand beg the court to RETURN what is rightfully theirs.

Did I hear "Back-ground checks on pit-bull's"?


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    Gimme Guns - 4 E 10th Ave, Selah, Washington - Rated based on 63 Reviews "Awesome owner, not only is he so helpful in the gun department, but /5(63).
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    Gimme the gun, load the hope, shoot for fun shoot for fun Gimme the gun, load the hope, shoot for fun shoot for fun Gimme the gun, load the hope, shoot for fun shoot for fun Gimme the gun, load the hope, shoot for fun shoot for fun Every time I call you the message is very clear Every time it's singing with the ringing in my ear.
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    Find answers for the crossword clue: Gimme on the green. We have 1 answer for this clue.
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    Apr 10,  · Hunter Guns Toys for Kids! THE BEST HUNTING RIFLE - Video for Kids - Duration: MG Surprise Toys Recommended for you.
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    Trae 'Gimme the Gun' Waynes 3 points · 2 months ago. Yep. He could honestly go play for the packers and I’d wish him nothing but the best. Never did anything wrong for us, we just never turned him into the Percy we thought we could. I would like it if the Minnesota Vikings scored more points than the Green Bay Packers during this coming.

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