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The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction

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Label: Hells Headbangers - HELLS 095 • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Supernatural Addiction is a fan favorite for many. For their fourth album, Deceased tweaked their sound once again, but they didn't implement drastic changes to their style. The genre-bending is even more typical for this record, but this time around the conceptual zombie story of Fearless Undead Machines is exchanged for a multitude of haunting horror stories. That being said, I don't think this record is better than the previous one hell, I wouldn't even call it their second-bestbut one thing is sure: This record has some of the catchiest songs Deceased has done up to this point.

What did they exactly change in their sound? Well, they decided to exclude a little aspect of their previous albums, namely, the death metal elements. While this might make some upset, I feel like it was evident that sooner or later they will drop these roots. Instead of chugging and crushing riffs we get their more melodic, thrashy and triumphant sounding cousins.

In a similar fashion to the previous record, the constant eruption of guitar solos are to be expected, but this time around, I can safely say that unlike on the previous record, these have a good amount of traditional heavy metal influences.

They are generally more virtuosic and shreddy. The drumming also feels a lot less blast beat heavy than The Blueprints for Madness was for example. The well-placed drumming segments serve as the secondary powerhouse for the atmosphere and even though I'm more of a sucker for riffs, I could spend hours just listening to the masterful work of King Fowley. His vocals retain those lunatic screams that we got used to on the previous record, but the tone of his voice, in general, is second to none.

The opening track, The Premonitionstarts with an amazing melodic, heavy metal riff that smoothly transitions into a more aggressive thrashy one. While these two different riffs duel during the entire track, King is screaming his soul out the whole time, but that's not even the greatest thing about this song.

The soulful main riff is one thing, but the bridge part is just something else. King's voice just gets so mournful, but at the same time, it still manages to retain the insanity of his regular vocals. The galloping thrash metal riffage is led by some fantastic licks in the background and these guitar segments complemented with King's trademark vocals lead up to the solo that you won't forget anytime soon.

Although the song is the closing track, Elly's Dementia is one of the most unique songs that the band has ever recorded. Based on The Blair Witch Project, we get the most atmospheric song on the entire album. The "stop-and-go" style of riff fits the demented screams of King and the chilling keyboard parts that are supporting this unusual riffage.

The song moves on to a different kind of mid-paced segment, but even though only for a short period, we get a fast bit too. I know some people think this song is rather stale and doesn't fit the rest of the record, but for me, its atmosphere is so much better than anything else on the record, I simply can't get enough of it.

The record deserves all the praise it's getting. So much so that there is only one track that was more of a miss than a hit for me. The Doll with the Hideous Spirit isn't a bad song by any means. I never skip it and I can still get a handful of enjoyment out of it, but somehow it doesn't stick with me as much as the rest of the record. Overall this record is a solid follow-up for the titan that Fearless Undead Machines is.

It has the atmosphere required to be a proper Deceased record and the adjustment they made to their sound works out perfectly. One of the finest releases of the genre-bending legends. One of the white-faced shadows stepped forward from the group, seemingly drawn forth into the proximity of the idol. The figure stood motionless, while from within its dark body something began to drift out like luminous smoke. It floated, swirling gently, toward the idol and there was absorbed.

These are the feelings that man inwardly desires, whether they are aware of the said fact or not. Mankind has always been a creature that nourishes on sadistic scenes of suffering: adolescent youths relishing in addicting first-person shooter video games, ambitious pre-teens tuning into their favorite wrestling outlets to witness brutal onslaughts of talented actors and actresses. Nonetheless, while man may attempt to redeem himself through various acts of philanthropy, the simple fact that man relishes violence is evident.

Supernatural Addiction is a crypt that was constructed upon a hill of wet, oozing mud, unknown liquids that reek of a putrefying stench of decay, and of a piece of land that has been decorated with eroded bones, stale ash, and the occasional lump of forgotten flesh.

However, on top of this seemingly malevolent design, towers the said crypt which is adorned with blossoming roses, The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addictionand daffodils, polished granite bricks, and an aesthetically pleasing architectural coating reminiscent of early-Gothic pillars, totems, and memorials.

The musicians that form the collective, Deceased, are similar to professional wrestlers--composing tunes that quench the thirst for fury, ferocity, and fidelity within a performance that manages to be both, addicting and refined, yet depraved and ugly. Furthermore, as an integral contributor to this performance, Fowley conjures forth terrifying adaptations of renown tales of revenge, death, suspense, and horror.

Technically speaking, however, Fowley performs with a tamed ferocity that showers chills down your spine and to the tips of your very toes. The vocal register that Fowley performs within is muddled within a low, almost growling range while soaring to the pitch of a The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction shrieking in III Adagio - Haydn*, The Aeolian String Quartet* - The Complete String Quartets terror at the sight of a still-born corpse.

The varied microphone meal that Fowley prepares teems with ghastly Blackout - Valet Parking - Blackout, mesmerizing moans of mourning, and searing shouts which ignite the candelabra of corrosive corruption that will one day, engulf us all.

Consisting of well-placed blast beats, mid-paced rhythms, and all-out percussive frenzies, Fowley showcases his talent at the drum kit. While not playing with the Bonawe Highlanders (Murdo Mackenzie Of Torridon) - Seumas MacNeill - Highland Bagpipes of drum virtuosos, Fowley is certainly skilled in the percussive department, yet abstaining from the urge to flaunt his technical prowess as countless modern-day death metal outfits tend to display.

Furthermore, Fowley encapsulates the thrilling, terrifying vibe that his voice and lyrics emit through the use of suspenseful drum The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction and rhythms that foreshadow eminent doom and devastation, i. As stated earlier, mankind relishes within the select moments of frenzy and depravity and Fowley successfully envisions those said moments throughout his aural assault upon the drums; through ferocious rhythmic cadences and the inflamed emissions that his blast beats leave in their wake.

However, as Fowley continues to emancipate the expanding hordes of sinister silhouettes, relentless covenants, and cavernous carnivores from their earthen-chained slumber, the orchestral oath of resurrection hinders and stumbles throughout the execution of their usually-sublime symphony of sickness, which is then rooted at the base of the blasphemies: the composition.

Supernatural Addiction. Those said riffs are cathartic to the seasoned ear, just as how a hard-hitting, toiling pipeline engineer feasts upon a freshly seasoned, cooked slab of well-done steak that oozes and slivers with damp-deep cow blood. Yet, the riffs and leads that Smith and Adams construe and layer upon this effort do not maintain The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction status quo that was previously established while recording Luck of the Corpse and The Blueprints for Madness.

While several of these leads leave a memorable, melancholic trail behind, a fine majority fail to impact the listener, and in turn, enhance the musical effort as a whole.

Concerning the tumors that Les Snyder blemishes with his bass-lines underneath the crypt of Supernatural Addictionthe aftermath admonishes any hesitations pertaining to the Grey Eagle - High Country - High Country, soul stricken blight that this record scatters in its wake. While the rumbling, tumbling riffs remain unheard to the amateur ear, the experienced listener will instantaneously notice the instrumentation and as such, will forfeit his soul and being to the outer terrors that ravage innocent dreams of benevolence.

Nevertheless, despite the assertion of an abundance of guitar-driven leads, melodies, and harmonies upon the performance, the sempiternal crypt which suppresses the monsoon of malevolent monsters still reigns upon the muddled, damp soil drenched with decay. Supernatural Addictionwhile not being classified as The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction transcending classic within the pantheon of heavy metal, still maintains an air that a scarce amount of bands can replicate.

Here, The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction establish themselves as a profound and determined force within an era when countless bands faded into the depths of the unknown, and several once-revered acts slipped in the cesspool of haphazard and substandard The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction . Deceased prevailed through this furious storm, and as such, produced a haunting record that seeps with ghastly grandeur and hideous honor.

Down within the chambers of the waiting blind! Fearless Undead Machines was a pretty good horror metal concept album, from one of Americas best old school advocates Deceased, but three years later they would trump that release with the more melodic, classic metal tinge of Supernatural Addiction, which I consider to be the band's strongest work to date. But the injection of pure 80s inspired NWOBHM melodies into the mix adds a depth to the writing which simply did not exist The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction large quantities prior to this.

Like the cover art implies, the focus of this album is to celebrate the more cerebral, psychological side of horror than the visceral corruption covered on Fearless Undead Machines. The writings of Poe, The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction classic ghost story, the dark black and white horror of silent film, all of these are inherent influences which translate well into the lyrics.

Other excellent tracks on the album include the blistering "Frozen Screams", the morose and beautiful "Doll With the Hideous Spirit", and the fright fest "Chambers of the Waiting Blind". Like some of the past records, Supernatural Addiction uses a different sort of lyrical approach from the typical metal album; where the words simply speak the narrative of each tale, organized into a rough approximation of verse Brutally Mutilated - Mortician - Brutally Mutilated chorus.

I wouldn't call them poetic so much as a death metal Rod Serling sitting by the Aimless/Intellect - Forced Perspective, recounting visions of the macabre. The mix of this album is simply unmatched by anything else in the history of the Somewhere My Love - Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains - This Is Manuel, and like its predecessor, each track is loaded with a slew of riffs to explore.

Few artists can balance such an excellent array of influences as King Fowley and crew, thus Supernatural Addiction winds up another cult classic for the ages.

While I have never found any of their albums to be perfect, they are easily one of the more consistent metal bands of the past 20 years. Each song featured here is based upon a famous story, whether it be from a show like the Twilight Zone or a short story by Richard Matheson, and on top of that, no The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction band even remotely sounds like what Deceased created here.

Originally, Deceased was a death metal band, but as time went on they progressed into thrash. They did, however, keep some of their old traits.

One of the best parts of this album is that there are so many riffs per song, so nothing feels overused. In those times, however, Mark and Mike throw out riff after riff that keeps each song fresh.

Their solos, as well, are just as sharp. To top it off, nearly every song has its jaw-dropping moments. Since this is a concept album, the lyrics stick close to the source material from which they were derived.

Not only does King do all the vocal work on this album, but he also laid down all the drum tracks. He never really branches out of the basic drum roll or anything, but he makes use of different drum patterns to keep it crisp.

Unlike the other 7 The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction on this album, it constantly reverts back to the same slow-plodding start-stop riff with a haunting fill in-between. The bass, just like most thrash, is basically non-existant. The Premonition - Deceased - Supernatural Addiction melody and technicality featured here could put any thrash-haters at bay, but its heavy enough that even the most die-hard thrashers would throw up the horns.

If you like metal in general, do yourself a favor and check this out right now. Overall Rating — 4. My first encounter with the King came via an October 31 show.

After one spin, I was not satisfied with it, until now. Supernatural Addiction is a classic metal album, which all metal heads should own, or at least recognize as being a classic.

The music is a mix of traditional sound, thrash, and death metal. Some songs sound more traditional like opening track The Premonition. Others sound like classic death metal i. Doll with the Hideous Spirit. However, most songs incorporate a little of each sound, making the album an emotional roller coaster. King has a unique vocal style that not many have attempted to copy. King is not one of those metal singers that feel it is needed to screech or raise the vocals up an octave. Because of this and for me personally, it takes awhile to get used to this style.

Especially if you are recently getting into metal, borrow or listen to some Deceased songs to see if you like his vocal style. Like the music, the vocals have definitely grown on me over time. The lyrics focus on horror and, well…supernatural tales.


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    Supernatural Addiction is a thrash metal music album recording by DECEASED released in on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. This page includes DECEASED Supernatural Addiction's: cover picture, songs / tracks list, members/musicians and line-up, different releases details, buy online: ebay and amazon, ratings and detailled reviews by some experts, collaborators and members/5(3).
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    Therefore, Deceased’s Supernatural Addiction is a record that complies with the norm’s appreciation towards pleasure, delight, and decadence, while also catering to the crowd that moans towards the evil and destruction that is subtlety secreted among society.
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