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Mistah Nicotine > He Smokes A Lot Remix - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The

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Label: Burp Sonic Inventions - bsicd6 • Format: CD Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: Italy • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Big Beat, Electro, Industrial, Alternative Rock, Experimental
Download Mistah Nicotine > He Smokes A Lot Remix - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The

A lot has went on in the past five years and just when people thought that he and Above The Law were finished, they creep back and re-invent themselves and the game. This path has taken Hutch back to his gritty and grimy foundation as a premier emcee and producer.

He had pulled back from his production duties for the past few years, by inviting new up-and-coming producers into the fold. Hutch always felt a need to help those burgeoning talent get immediate exposure. In fact the last two WestWorld releases featured affiliated producers who were inspired and hung around the group long enough to get bit by the G-Funk bug. InCold um felt that it was time that he got behind the boards again and give the fans those patented gangsta-funk beats behind his well-known thugged out delivery.

The formula for tackling a noted classic from a classic movie from the blaxploitation era of African American cinema? Basically, "Give Me Your Love" is about a brother on the daily grind doing Mistah Nicotine > He Smokes A Lot Remix - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The he got to do, but knowing whatever happens, his woman got his back regardless of the outcome.

The overall subject matter may be a bit racy for the commercial radio format, but for those who are familiar with um and ATL know they always offer a positive and possible solution within the content of their music. As an entrepreneur, Hutch has always envisioned himself as being the sole controller of his destiny even before he decides to retire. He would like to see his company, WestWorld Entertainment Group, become the independent powerhouse that rivals the legendary Ruthless and Death Row Records, both of whom he is very familiar with.

Hutch is very comfortable with his current distribution deal, which he has a history with from the days Above The Law were recording for Tommy Boy Records. The first single is entitled "Lyrical Murda" WestWorld Records has already hit various markets around the country with their own mixtape hosted by none other than Big Hutch himself.

For additional information on Above Satisfied With Love - Herbie Hancock - Magic Windows Law visit: abvdlaw.

The Latin Rap Conference was a major success. A lot was accomplished. The panels were very imformative, the performances were off the hook and the whole atmosphere was Muskuły - Trzy Majtki - 40 Years Old. The peace was kept, everyone networked and got along well with one Sound Of Perfection - SiXforNinE - SiXforNinE. That goes to show, you CAN have a bunch of Latinos in one place and still keep it postive.

The stereo-types are flying out the window. So much knowledge was dropped, it was insane. Everyone else that was in the house, I didn't leave you out on purpose, my bad if you're name is not on the list.

Thanks for coming out and making a difference in this Latin Hip Hop game!! All in all, from the Conferences to the Clubs, everything went well. The second time around, we can only expect bigger and better things. Let's keep it crackin'!!! Stay in touch with everyone you came in contact with.

Last but not least, I want to send a shout to the big homies Shysti and Rags for making this event possible. You got my support One Hundred. His new album, entitled " Ray Ray " is slated for an October 5th release. Battlecat will be contributing to the production, it should be huge!!! Click on the thumbnail to your left to see the cover in full size, and check out the tracklisting below.

Blaxploitation 2. Ray Ray Theme feat. Joi 3. I know Shuggie Otis 4. This One 5. Chic Like You feat. Allie Baba 6. Live Without You 7. Detroit Girl 8. Not A Game feat. Babyface 9. Rifle Love feat. Chic feat. Teedra Moses I Want You Back feat. I Love Her Grown Folks A'S Underground Hip Hop culture and what they bring to the game.

Kemo "The Blaxican" Speaks to me exclusively on his new C. Divine Forces radio is asking you the listener for your top 5 conscious hip-hop joints of the gregorian year! LatinaBeatz Discuss This Topic. He talks about everything, from the Delinquent Habits days and what went down, to his new solo career as "The Blaxican" and his new album "Simple Plan" aswell a his clothing line, future plans, and much much much more.

You will find any info you need to know about him in this indepth interview. To check out the interview Nikita - Elton John - Greatest Hits 1970-2002, click here. Nima Discuss This Topic. Along with the new tracks, Quik mixed in some of his greatest hits, like "Tonight" and "Pitch in on a Party.

I wanted to draw a timeline between my old stuff and my new stuff and bridge it to where there's a level of continuity. Watching him in his zone when he had points. Dude is a perfectionist. Fandango is a Spanish-American dance.

It's a lively tempo dance. It's almost like the tango. That's what it says in the Merriam-Webster [dictionary]. The second entry is [defined as] 'tomfoolery. I remember Queen saying it too on 'Bohemian Rhapsody.

The funny thing about that record is that people liked it, but they thought I was taking a shot at Aaliyah at the beginning After All - Pussycat - After All saying 'I feel like that plane in the Bahamas. Jet ski," he added. We had an issue with the plane. The baggage-claim dude was flirting with my girl and she checked him.

I wasn't taking a shot at Aaliyah, but I didn't want to change the line because I lived it. It was just wordplay. I was shouting out Mausberg [on another line in the song] too because I miss him. Him being dead is a great injustice to hip-hop because I feel he was next.

It affected my breathing. F my psyche, it affected the way I breathe. It was like somebody took an organ away from me without my permission. She was a gorgeous kid. She was the anchor of the family, a peacemaker. So I Mistah Nicotine > He Smokes A Lot Remix - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The [the beat for the song] all in a major key.

I didn't want to darken the mood. Death sucks, but I played it in all major key because it always makes you happy even though Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons - Babel a death march, in a sense.

DJ Johnny Blaze hit up dubcnn this week and asked us to spread the word and promote the mix he has done, having had it on repeat for hours now we are letting you all download it - free!

It is an mp3 file which is over 75 minutes long! Jodeci 21 Tha Twinz - P. Kokane 23 Notorious B. Mistah Nicotine > He Smokes A Lot Remix - Various - Erasermen Proudly Presents: Erase This Tune [The to the hook and it makes you feel good. I went through, everything from what I saw as a kid up until now. We got to do it. Like, I need a light man, there is so much going on in my life that I just need to relax.

He is showing everyone that we can have a good time, look good and dress well. I would like to personally present an artist by the name of Seneoriginally hailing from Brooklyn, this 20 year old New York native now finds California as his new home. Having personally witnessed his recordings, I honestly do not know anybody of such youth that can spit this well. Since moving to California, Sene has made countless appearances on the show "Breaking Atoms" on He has a very heavy local following, and has caught the ears Alla Måste Få Bensin - Björn Rosenström - Swingersklubb In The Radhuslänga artists such as the Stones Throw camp, The Beatnuts and Prodigy Mobb Deep.

You can also check Sene out at Myspace. We threw scratches on it to mix it up a little because it felt right, a little bit more of the b-boy element had to get thrown into it, and the scratches sounded real smooth. They could always be better I mean, they are scratches and people like to get picky, but we were in a session recording and my boy JKim hopped on World In A Jug - Canned Heat - Boogie With Canned Heat turntables instead of my DJ at the time and cut it up, and I liked how it sounded so I kept it.


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    - January 1, By: Big Hutch a.k.a. Cold um, of the Legendary West Coast supergroup, Above The Law returns with his second solo release, "Live From The Ghetto.".
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