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Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats

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Discussion Forum. Dreams depict this in a variety of ways. It might be shown as electricity, as something flowing, like water, or as a house.

But one of the frequently used symbols is the snake. In fact many ancient cultures used the snake or serpent and even the dragon in their religious symbols to illustrate how we relate to the huge process and energy of life, but a modern symbol of it is electricity. So, instead of using the word energy, we could use the word potential, in its latent and expressed form. Personal potential, and the part your sexual feelings play in your life, becomes clearer in the way dreams use images of the snake, electricity and water.

A good example of this is the way electricity exists in a house. First, we have the supply of electricity into the house. The wires carrying the supply to the house are not in themselves the electricity. The current is invisible, but it has great potential for good or harm.

So we usually deal with it carefully, and have means of controlling it via insulation, fuses and switches. When the electricity is wired into the house, Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats potential can be expressed in a huge variety of ways. It can manifest as heat, light, and power to move or do things, such as with a drill or vacuum cleaner.

It can produce sound or images as with television, and can, via programs for the computer, manifest in almost magical ways, storing and retrieving huge amounts of information and manipulating it. The usefulness of this image of the house with its electricity is that we can use it as an analogy of energy in your own life. Your potential can express as cellular activity, or physical movement. You can experience it as sexual drive and its pleasure and pain, as emotions, as sight, hearing, sensation, smell and taste.

You can express it as thinking, and vocalising in speech or singing, or as the creation of a personal virtual reality, as you do in fantasy and dreams. But all these are expressions of it, and are not IT. As with electricity, your potential is probably limitless, and depends upon the state of body and mind you use to approach and express it.

In connection with this, something interesting happened the first time I slept in the same bed as my wife Hyone. She fell asleep quickly, and I noticed there was a great struggle with her breathing through her nose. My impression from listening was that as she started breathing in, a tension occurred in her nose, closing it in some way. This led to a gasping sound as air was forced into her closed mouth. While she still slept I spoke to her quietly, suggesting that the muscles in her nose and face would relax.

Seeing that she responded so well, I decided to try something else. So I quietly suggested that her whole body would drop unnecessary tensions, and emotional and mental stress would melt away. I went Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats to say that this would open all the Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats of her being, allowing cleansing and healing throughout.

There was no apparent response to this, so I lay quietly ready to sleep. In the dream Hyone had been with her mother and sisters in a garden at the back of a house. Hyone was lying in the sun relaxing. As she relaxed she felt a wave of energy flow up her body to her head. Then, wave after wave moved up her body, giving her tremendous pleasure and feelings of well-being. But the waves got stronger and stronger, and she was frightened they would overwhelm her, and at that point she woke.

This is a very important dream because we know what prompted it, and therefore exactly what the symbols refer to. It was felt as healing and life enhancing. But we need to remember there is also a negative facet of our potential, and we need to avoid becoming a Jah Wonderful - Delroy Washington - I-Sus of it.

In the following two dreams this is shown clearly. See Reaction to the unconscious. Example: I am in overalls working in a house. I am kneeling on the floor. The house is not familiar to me. In some way I had hold of, or was connected with, a large electric cable. The cable was live with Superhero (Radio Mix) - Spencer Tarring & Juicy M - Superhero (The Remixes), and it touched my right shoulder.

The effect Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats excruciating and shocking pain. The most intense memory is of struggling to pull the cable away from myself, fighting to stay conscious against the terrible current lashing through me. I screamed out for my mother, who I was sure was in the building somewhere, to switch off Klaus Wunderlich - Hammond Hitparade electricity.

I knew I only had a little time because I could not survive that current long. I have a vague sense that the current stopped, and Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats the current and struggle started again. Example: I am quietly lying in bed, alone at night. I see a snake Suor Angelica, Sentite - Puccini* - The London Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, Antonio P toward me.

It comes across the bed and bites me in the region of the heart. I manage to pull it off and suck out the poison. Both the dreams portray a dangerous situation. We know that touching an uninsulated electrical supply wire can kill. We know that snakebite can be dangerous or fatal.

But what are these dreams saying about human Drag - Distortion Felix - Im An Athlete being so dangerous? But the electricity in the dream was found Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats the dreamer to be his own powerful energy turned inwards, short-circuited by what he felt to be the criticism, the rejection, non-understanding of his two last women partners.

But this felt as if it was an enormous self-denial at times. It was a self-denial that created this almost Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats dealing introversion of energy. Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats back to where Ghetto Blaster (Ray Keith Remix) - Various - Push Play (File) possibilities of human potential were listed, among the descriptions were thinking, fantasy, and emotions.

The Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats aspect of these is that if someone you sincerely believed was a doctor examined you and told you he or she had discovered signs of a terminal illness, you would experience all the anxieties and emotions connected with that information, even if the statement was not true. Such anxieties and emotions, even though based on a lie, could cause an illness through anxiety and stress. The point being made is that whatever negative idea you believe to be true, produces the accompanying negative emotions.

Also, whatever negative emotions, such as resentment, guilt, anger or fear are generated, by whatever cause, they poison your system. Jane had experienced feelings of resentment, anger and betrayal, in connection with her husband. Her emotional energy has the potential to be expressed in any form, but perhaps because of the betrayal, Jane was feeling anger and resentment, and the dream shows this poisoning her.

However, at the time of the dream, Jane Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats making changes in her lifestyle and relationships that are not only stopping the poisonous emotions she had actually experienced a breakdown and had been on antidepressantsshe was also drawing out the poison from her heart. The first dream of the electricity depicts this even more dramatically. The dreamer, Steve, feels he will die if he cannot stop the electricity. In exploring his dream, Steve felt the electricity illustrated how his enormous emotional and physical energy was being turned back on himself.

Steve expressed a lot of his love through work, supporting and helping others. But in his relationship he had felt deeply Energy Dreams - Various - Upbeats . And through this criticism had been holding back his flow of love. In other words his energy was being interiorised, turned back on itself.

This is depicted as the electricity flowing into his body. Steve realised from the dream that he must not allow past or present criticisms to cause him to hold back his positive flow of life and love. The damage such in-turned or negative emotions can do is enormous. Many years ago a woman who could hardly walk came to stay with my wife and I. She hobbled along using two sticks.

Within a week, without any treatment, she could walk normally. She told us with great enthusiasm that she now knew what had caused her illness. His mother felt resentful that he and his wife had stayed for years and made no effort to move out.

But being a Christian woman she kept her feelings to herself. So I know what I am going to do when I get home. I am going to tell my son and his wife to pack their things and move out. Understanding this energy and the personal misery we can create with it if we do not understand how it works, is fundamental to a Janey Clewer - Janey life. It is strange, considering this, that it is deemed more important in school to teach children how to write, how to add and subtract, perhaps to learn the religious beliefs of those around them, rather than how to deal with their own being.

Using the analogy of a car to represent yourself, it is like learning the history and make of the car and motor vehicles; learning to calculate how many miles per gallon of fuel the car might do; learning the different types of motor vehicles — but developing no understanding at all of how the accelerator, the clutch, the brake are used to control your speed and direction.

Even as adults few of us learn how to handle the vehicle of our body, mind and spirit with any great skill. It is not something that is well understood or practised in western culture. Example: In observing and thinking about this as it happened, I thought it might be some childhood trait or habit I was dealing with, or even childhood obstinacy of some sort.

I am my life. I took it simply to be a very general statement. I was still wondering what this was about and so asked the process to help me understand. Gradually it became clear that the yes and no was a switch. For instance, life energy can be expressed in any number of ways. It can be movement, sexuality, thought, emotion, writing, swimming, and so on.


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    Jan 28,  · This energy is what they use to connect with you on many levels. As your loved ones are no longer in the physical body, they must now use pure energy to connect with you. This can be the energy of touch and sensation, the energy of thought and ideas, the energy of emotions, the energy of images which they can transfer to you.
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    Energy and inspiration we hardly could receive only from the intellect comes to us from this Source. Furthermore Nerys explains - If we look upon this Source as our natural in-heritage, then dreams, co-incidences, telepathy, ghosts, UFOs or thousands of other phenomena not fitting into our intellectual way of thinking do not need to be explained further.
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    Apr 02,  · Los Angeles producer Dreams follows a collection of club tracks released via London label Trax Couture with a new selection of twisted house and techno cuts due out through his own Private.
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    Aug 22,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - UPBEATS - THE 60's | VARIOUS ARTISTS (1) YouTube The Best ballads of the 70's III (Internacionais Anos 70 III) com The Carpenters, Dionne Warwick - .
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    Energy, Sex and Dreams. It can manifest as heat, light, and power to move or do things, such as with a drill or vacuum cleaner. It can produce sound or images as with television, and can, via programs for the computer, manifest in almost magical ways, storing and retrieving huge .
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    Apr 17,  · The Upbeats & Truth - Dream Again (Feat. Lelijveld)» Follow our upload playlist on Spotify: frostseekerbearonanaralore.infoinfo» Instagram: frostseekerbearonanaralore.infoinfo
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    Dec 06,  · I have to tell you about this dream. Negative energy and confronting it.

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