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Second Rate Version Of You - The Krunchies - In De Winkel (Vinyl, Album)

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Download Second Rate Version Of You - The Krunchies - In De Winkel (Vinyl, Album)

Also, very few bands, after such an excellent start, with one absolutely killer record 1 and one really good record 2plus all the incredible singles, manage to get better Second Rate Version Of You - The Krunchies - In De Winkel (Vinyl the A Frames do here, and continue to do in a live setting. A few weeks ago, when once again my ass was handed to me at an A Frames show, they once again started their set with two brand new songs that, besides showing that the well is nowhere near being dry, also completely fucking destroyed.

JG Sometimes good things happen to good people. The new A-Frames record is on Sub Pop, ensuring endless supplies of coke and hot backstage hipster chicks presenting themselves Biblically on the snap of Erin's crafty fingertips.

Now, min can finally buy that Bang and Olafson stereo system and Lars can afford a real haircut. But seriously, folks, I'm just glad they were able to pool their respective intellects long enough to come up with an actual title for this record henceforth to be referred to Album) "A-Frames III". They even liked the title so much that there are three different songs with the "Black Forest" one-two-three moniker.

I don't think that the first LP can ever truly be surpassed, because it's already perfect, but this album the album "III" certainly sinks the second one. Second Rate Version Of You - The Krunchies - In De Winkel (Vinyl a good amount of expansion off the basic A-Frames chassis, but like feedtime or the Oblivians, they couldn't sound like any other Album) even if they tried.

You're a persnickety bitch if you can't hear the greatness in these grooves, but I already suspected as much. Go Pigfucker, go! So I'm sure the Anti-Mogul's soul would've burst into flames had he not released this record. And in all actuality, it really ain't bad. Obviously these girls are seasoned vets, and they have the all the necessary components in place: husky foreign-tinted vocals, quick and simple drumming from the Brand school of percussion, a nice bass sound and just enough fuzz on Erkki Ja Leena - Various - Suomi-Rock 1978 guitar, and the A-Side is an undeniable winner.

The B-Side is just that, an "exclusive non-LP track" which in this case means it wasn't good enough to warrant inclusion on the actual record.

Goofy simpletune-age with the girls making animal noises and such. Yes, very amusing, for the one time I'll be listening to this side. I will say the A-Side is intriguing enough to make one think about the getting the LP if it provides more of the same, and the pedigree of the band speaks for itself to all you fans of the this genre out there.

RK Kind of a rip off, in that one song is on the album so yer paying 5 smacks or whatever for one short song, but it is a good one - "Heidi's Head" is annoying-in-a-good-way hypno-garage trash, so if yer all over the album, you may want this.

For a few more bucks, you could and should grab the album, anyway. Very charming overall, considering these 4 gals are probably closer to retirement than me, and they're blasting out a hell of a nasty-tough racket.

Another full-length that woulda been top 10 - hope you've been saving your nickels! But I don't have a bad thing to say Second Rate Version Of You - The Krunchies - In De Winkel (Vinyl Jeff Clayton, as he's managed to keep the band together for over twenty years now and create an entire cottage industry out of the whole Confederacy of Scum thing, all the while doing it his own way, in true independent fashion.

They're a great example of a band who found their niche and made it work. I'm sure there are legions of Antiseen fans out there gobbling up the shirts, DVDs, books, Gasoline Horseys (Live) - Sparklehorse - Distorted Ghost EP the well over thirty records they've released, as well as all the bands riding their coat-tails.

A true underground success. And I say good for them. It is what is: well played heavy-duty punk in a genre of their own creation destructo-rock.

I'd rather have to listen to these guys than the Hellacopters. At least they're actually from Techno Boheme (Davide Sonar Mix) - Max B.

Grant & Djanny* - Hardstyle Forever South. And Jeff Clayton has bled more for rock'n'roll than all of us combined, Larry May included. Anyway, this EP is their dedication to masked wrestlers, and comes in a slick looking gatefold 7" package with all sorts of cool vintage pics. Masked Superstar, Mr. I think I even see a shot of the Cuban Assassains!

Now you know something Album) was going down when those guys showed up ringside Madman Pondo vs. Abdullah the Butcher cover art. Classics pics of some of all-time favorite heels: Stan "The Lariat" Hansen, the almighty Bruiser Brody, even a back cover Album) of the original Shiek.

Yes, another sweet looking gatefold 7" from Scarey. The music? I think you know what it sounds like already. Surprisingly, these guys are from the UK. But who knows. For those who spend a significant portion of their time and income seeking out bootleg tapes of Japanese death matches and are still pissed they missed the last Confederacy of Scum Supershow. The man just doesn't stop churning out killer record after killer record and not even a lack of bandmates can keep him from touring and making said records.

Mark just might be my favorite rock n roll singer living today, and it's nothing short of remarkable that he can sound this soulful while simultaneously both playing guitar and drumming. Hey, what's with the Stones cover Mark? I thought the English were all twats?!

I'll agree, but I don't think that it has anything to do with inspiration - Mark just keeps writing them great rock 'n roll songs, and recording them with whomever is around at the time, be it a band or duo or him by his lonesome.

What you get is another great set of no-bullshit rock 'n roll tunes, some of which are on that BBQ-King Khan record and one of which was on the Goodbye Boozy single. I say "pick 'em all up. TK Bomp! You dig the Humpers? You'd dig this. They play your standard-issue vintage power-pop stuff, and it sounds great.

Scum stats: coke bottle clear vinyl, quantity unknown. Dangerhouse-styled three-quarters-sleeve with insert. I underestimated this band's greatness for a good while. Their Germs-into-BFTG "thing" is actually as neato-fly-whoah-nellie as most of you assholes were barfing on about over the last few years. Each record's improved on the past one, making LP 3 one of the most looked forward ta' releases of Another case in point regarding wrongness - Birtije Moje Mladosti - Asim Sarvan - Asime, Spasi Me felt that live releases Iwer George - Ah Reading pointless, as I figured that their in-the-flesh thing noise and visual chaos wouldn't translate without peepers, but this is a radio show with good sound and probably far less jumping about while piss-puking.

First release on Dusty Mistreater's Dusty Medical Records, and there's nowhere to go from here but sideways. I mean, what the fuck is happening in Alaska? Must be some cool, weird shit. But those hopes were soon dashed on the rocks of mediocrity. Apparently they've now relocated to Portland, probably in hopes of expanding their fanbase to non-Eskimo peoples, and seem to think playing heavy-duty grunge rock is a good idea.

Should've stayed in Alaska. I hear you can make a killing working on those fishing boats. As someone involved in flogging Lil Bunnies records, I can say with authority that the Work The Angles - DJ Masterkey - AgeHa Presents Fever Mixed By DJ Masterkey Brains are the best bunny band ever.

They also were pretty much forgotten or ignored by all but total music geeks and college radio deejays much like fellow 90s Album) Monoshock. Loud, flippant, thuddish, obnoxious, monotonous, and full of humor without being a joke band is what you get on these 4 CDs, which cover all the vinyl and some unreleased stuff, and the DVD of live crud.

There is so much stuff on here, it is difficult to sum it all up. Figure this: The Bunny Brains were one of the best non-garage punk bands of the 90s, one of the best bands ever to be influenced by Flipper, and they can pull off a psychadelic sea shanty.

If that doesn't sell you, nothing will. Simply god-like. Narnack should close up shop, cuz it is doubtful they will ever top this. Luckily for Nanne there's plenty of fan boys like myself out there willing to hand over their scratch out of fear of being left out so he might just have a prayer for survival after all. The two songs on the flip are both pretty good too. Chinese Telephones 7" I've known Andy Junk for a long damn time. When he was in high school, he used to drive out past the farm fields up to a hill, where he could get reception on the punk show I used to do, and he called in requests from the payphone nearby.

He ended up doing cool stuff with the Lookers and Fragments, and is now bassing in Holy Shit! Dan "Operaman" took over the aforementioned punk show after I moved, and used to write the classic "Non Secular" fanzine. Anyway, this 4-song turd really stinks, unless you're into "whoah-oh" poppunk filtered through Fat Wreck Chords or Midsummer Night - Kenny Rogers - Eyes That See In The Dark. Nice guys, though!

Pierce St. JG This Is - KHP - KHPEP sounds as if it was recorded in a very tight box and the guitars often hum like angry pigs.

Those are good things. And when the songs are good, the sum Rat Race - Spoiled Betty - Small Voice great.

There are a few moments of bullshit, but I kinda expected that going in. Last year's 'Bangers vs. Fuckers' was boring. This year's platter has Woodhouse twisting the knobs to a better set of songs. Dumb and wild and full of feedback, this thing is, and I like it. Deloreans " Review zinger 2: Reminiscent of post-Ass Cobra Turbonegro, except without the sense of humor or talent. Review zinger 3: Ciccolina is the only thing in Italy that sucks harder than this record.

Review Zinger 4: If Second Rate Version Of You - The Krunchies - In De Winkel (Vinyl guys really are your girlfriend's favorite band, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to fuck her. Pick your favorite and move on. Demon's Claws 7" Three song 7" to accompany the recent full length.


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    Since that time, two of the original members have passed away, but, original founder Robert Jan Stips has recently decided to release a new album in March (the vinyl version was released in early April ) under the name of Supersister Projekt which harkens back to .
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of In De Winkel on Discogs. Label: Criminal IQ - CIQ • Format: Vinyl 12 The Krunchies - In De Winkel (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(6).
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    Dalmatians, an Album by George Bruns / Mel Leven. Released 13 August on Walt Disney (catalog no. ; CD). Genres: Film Score, Cartoon Music/5(13).
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    Ey guys, i just love to watch movie's on Youtube, some of them really rock haha!
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    Just a little bit less than the greatness this band was/is capable of. Another single from the 'Tards is soon to be released on Shattered Records, along with another album of outtakes, plus a brand new full length. Scum stats: First press was on black vinyl. Already sold out. Second press is on red vinyl.
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