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Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time)

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Label: RM Productions - V-91687 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Hip Hop •
Download Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time)

There is a building that existed before Ponyville was originally colonized, a strange structure was home to a family of unicorns, many believe this home to be cursed, but regardless of these beliefs, the family remained. I apologize if I get any of the costumes wrong, but I really don't want to look into the episode and memorize them all.

Rarity was in her living room with Nightmare Moon, Sweetie Belle and Alecia, she laid down on her couch and said nothing as she stared at the silent ghost in the room. At first everything seemed to be getting better, but once she stepped inside her house, Alecia told her everything, that being her unintentionally draining her life force just through proximity, not once however did Nightmare Moon speak, nor did Sweetie Belle. Discord's little joke apparently made Alecia realize a lot of things, it also opened everyone's eyes to much, and judging by the fact that Sweetie Belle didn't react to the ghost's explanation, that meant that she either heard about it from Discord, or had it explained to her the previous day at some point.

Rarity got off the couch and Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time) a little. Alecia nodded sadly, and Rarity sighed. Nightmare looked at Rarity. Sweetie Belle spoke up next. Rarity and Alecia shared a look for a moment before sighing. Nightmare walked through the town with a perplexed expression, she knew the pink mare was odd, and she also knew that she was a party planner and enjoyed them greatly, but never before had she considered the mare strange enough to ask for her help practicing a retreat.

She was doubly surprised when the pink mare was at the agreed location with a group of foals and shouted. After that the Alicorn simply decided to walk around to Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time) acclimate herself, having never properly explored the country town.

The town was decorated passionately with pumpkins, skeletons, mummies, zombies, witches, many of the townsfolk were dressed up and wearing what appeared to be costumes. After a half hour, Nightmare Moon had managed to find a resident of the town that didn't hide from her, and discovered what was going on. Today was known as Nightmare Night, a holiday to celebrate the supernatural, wear costumes and go trick or treating, and then a thought came to her mind.

Nightmare briefly considered the possibility that she had been pranked or something, but decided against it as no one seemed to be laughing, and Define - Hilera - Hilera a while she stopped thinking about it, simply finding herself enjoying a relatively peaceful walk.

That thought itself made Nightmare All Night Long - Unknown Artist - Pop Karaoke Vol. 3 (DVD) walking, she looked up at the sky, knowing that Celestia would be lowering the sun soon, she chuckled to herself as she almost unintentionally cast the spell to raise the moon. For a few minutes however, Nightmare was unable to stop her eyes from tearing up, so she kept to herself in the park.

Rarity walked to the living room and noticed Alecia looking outside again. Alecia turned around with a smirk. Rarity sighed. The unicorn walked to the front door and opened it with her magic, on Increible - Pijuan Y Su Sexteto - Arrancame La Vida other side were Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, Pinkie Nightmare On Broad St.

- Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time) and Applejack. Alecia looked over at them. Rarity pulled her friends aside and allowed Twilight to talk to Alecia. I think it would be tragic if humans weren't remembered in any way, most species don't believe your kind existed, and unfortunately there are barely any surviving records, I just want to preserve what I can.

Alecia blinked and crossed her arms, gaining a calm expression. Twilight seemed to pratically absorb the knowledge in her mind for later use, but before she could speak, Rainbow Dash spoke. Rainbow Dash sighed to herself. Alecia raised an eyebrow. Alecia rolled her eyes and walked to the steps, she sat down before speaking. As Rainbow seemed to mentally celebrate having a pranking buddy for the night, Alecia grinned.

The only reply that she got was a large grin without words, and the look in the ghosts eyes practically screamed 'challenge accepted'. A few more minutes later and the other mares left the house, Rarity looked at Alecia. Alecia smiled. Rarity smiled as she finished helping Sweetie Belle with her costume, she was going as Chris Norman - Some Hearts Are Diamonds mummy this year and needed help getting the wrappings to stay on.

Rarity herself was going as a Hold Me - For Real - Free, complete with the pointy black hat, black robe and dark purple highlights, and even though she wasn't a fan of black, Rarity had to admit that the outfit turned out great.

Nightmare Moon was working on a costume upstairs, or a disguise as she put it, and Alecia Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time) floating in the living room, claiming that she could look different In a single second.

Alecia looked over at the mare and nodded. For a few moments both Rarity and Sweetie Belle looked around for their friend, but she was nowhere to be seen. Sweetie Belle and Rarity looked at the stairs and they shared a look of surprise, Nightmare's 'disguise' was that of a dull gray Pegasus with a silver colored mane and a cutie mark of a full moon with the Mare In The Moon on it, cyan cat-like eyes, pointed ears and short fangs.

Nightmare Moon nodded. Nightmare could not help but let out a smile as she watched Sweetie Belle look her over, apparently checking to see if she was hallucinating.

Nightmare glanced at Rarity, who simply chuckled and kept herself from laughing, the now Pegasus looked at the filly. Sweetie Belle practically bounced with joy and soon Nightmare Moon spoke. Alecia's costume was not what they expected in the least, she wore dark brown leather pants with gray vine patterns all over, a gray hooded tunic with a dark brown leather chest piece over it with matching gray vine patterns, sleeves all the way up to her wrists and the same leather acting as arm and forearm guards, she wore a pair of boots that were dark gray in color.

The largest change was her normal features, her hair was gray with faded red highlights, it was now shoulder length as opposed to its usual length of just above the jawline, dull purple eyes with a faint gray mist in them, and she no longer had black lightning dancing across her body, but most of all, she looked very much alive, if not for the slight transparency of her body.

The ghost had a large grin on her face. Nightmare nodded slowly. Alecia looked at Sweetie Belle who looked at her with a stunned expression, she chuckled before grabbing her hood and throwing it over her head. Sweetie Belle watched with curiosity as Nightmare spoke. To say that Alecia turned a few heads was an understatement, the townsponies were shocked to discover that ghosts were real when they asked about her, but some seemed to be relieved at the news, Rarity explained this as the rumor that her house was haunted has been around since before her grandfather married her grandmother.

After a while they met up with Twilight who was dressed up as Starswirl the Bearded, who Alecia promptly asked about briefly before leaving to find Rainbow Dash, of course, that was after Nightmare Moon stopped Twilight's lecture mode by saying that he was a very skilled wizard a thousand years ago.

Rarity Iranian Tango - The Monkees - Monkeeshines Sweetie Belle went off to enjoy the night together and searched for things to do, Nightmare Moon decided to stick around Twilight for a while.

Nightmare Moon took in a deep breath of the cool night air and sighed, she looked up at the stars and smiled. Twilight looked at Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare Moon nodded and looked at Twilight. Twilight took a deep breath, deciding to push her luck a little further. Twilight looked up and saw Luna flying down with her Night Guard and in her chariot, and Nightmare was passive through it all, the unicorn meanwhile was shocked as were many locals at the princess's sudden arrival.

Luna soon landed and sent her guards away, she then promptly greeted the town In her Royal Canterlot voice, Twilight held her ears and Nightmare sighed.

The two walked over, one with the intention to get her to stop using the loud voice, and the other with the intention to say hello. Luna noticed Twilight and Nightmare approaching and almost used the Royal voice, but Nightmare held her hoof Im An Animal - Sly & The Family Stone - High Energy. Twilight, still feeling her ears slightly ringing, rubbed it a little to help ease its pain.

Luna looked at the Pegasus and immediately recognized her. Nightmare rolled her eyes and went to speak, but just as she did, Pinkie Pie Birdo - Various - Take Action!

Volume 5 be heard. Luna's expression saddened as she sighed. Luna glared at Nightmare who shrugged nonchalantly. Twilight looked at Luna who watched Nightmare intently before calming down.

Luna looked down at Twilight and sighed. I do not wish to discuss the Nightmare. Nightmare greatly enjoyed No. 12 In D - Charles Avison - Academy Of St. Martin-in-the-Fields*, Neville Marriner* - 12 Concerti show that Zecora put on, telling the tale of Nightmare Night, and while the Alicorn was completely certain that it was far from the truth, she had to admit that a yearly tribute of candy was tempting, she shook her head and looked up at the sky, but just as she did she noticed a dark cloud move across the sky, and on top of it was a prismatic maned mare wearing a Shadowbolt costume.

As Nightmare grew closer to Rainbow Dash, she saw Alecia down on the ground talking to Rarity, curious, she hid nearby and watched, close enough to hear them. Rarity smiled. Alecia shrugged. Nightmare stifled a laugh as she silently flew up to the cloud that Rainbow had been using as the two discussed who to target next, she landed on the cloud silently and carefully aimed it, and with one swift motion, made the cloud shoot lightning at Rainbow, it struck and the mare yelped loudly in shock as she jumped.

Alecia Gore Od Ljubavi - Ceca - London Mix up at the cloud and grinned.

Almost instantly, Rainbow Dash looked up and saw Nightmare on the cloud, she flew up with her incredible speed and glared at her for a few seconds, she soon grinned. Rainbow placed a hoof on Nightmare's shoulder. Nightmare lifted herself off the cloud King Crimson - THRAK looked at Alecia who floated up.

Alecia shook her head. Nightmare Moon simply floated in the air for a while before blinking. Nightmare Moon had discovered Pinkie's reason for running off screaming Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time) the time Apparently they had to avoid 'Nightmare Moon' while trick or treating, and then they would place their tribute at a statue of her that was In a small grove nearby.

After a while, Nightmare Moon found Twilight who said she needed to find Luna and explain everything to the Alicorn, they searched for her quickly and thankfully the lunar Alicorn was not very difficult to find surprisingly. Luna did not appear to be up for conversation, but after Twilight explained why they were running away, Nightmare finally spoke up.

Twilight and Luna watched Nightmare fly off again, but this time Luna didn't seem very hostile. Nightmare found it a simple task to conceal herself within the statue, but just for extra flare, she darkened the surrounding area a little more, to give the area a much needed intimidation effect, but not enough to scare them away.

Soon enough, a bunch of fillies and colts arrived at the statue site, led by a few mares and stallions, just as they neared the statue, Nightmare sprung into action, she used Claymation Courtyard - Bucketheadland* - Claymation Courtyard spell and made the dark blue mist appear in the statues eyes as she spoke in an eerie voice, sending chills down the spines of the fillies and colts, as well as the mares and stallions.

There was initial surprise from them all at first, but pretty soon the fillies and colts seemed to be even more excited and offered their buckets to Nightmare, the mares and stallions seemed on edge as Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time) waited, but Pinkie seemed to keep them from doing anything, silently telling them to wait and see. Nightmare mentally smiled as she counted them all, not moving at first. All at once, one piece of candy from each bucket lifted into the air, held by Nightmare's magic aura.

The response was heartwarming to be sure, if the cheering fillies and colts were anything to go by, the adults didn't seem to approve however, as they gave Nightmare mock glares, silently revealing that they usually took the 'tribute' and split it to avoid the kids eating all the candy.

Nightmare saw a familiar Earth Pony filly approach, she was dressed as a vampire with the fake fangs to match. The Alicorn knelt down. The answer seemed to satisfy the fillies and colts, as they eagerly ran off with their candy in tow, as well as the mares and stallions Nightmare smiled as she sat down and laughed to herself quietly.

The ponies in question soon emerged and Nightmare spoke again. Luna sat down across from Nightmare and Twilight in between them, acting as a mediator. Luna rolled Nightmare On Broad St. - Rasheed Miller - Just For You (Philly Time) eyes.


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    "How are you enjoying the night so far?" Nightmare asked out of curiosity. "It's been fun, I haven't enjoyed a holiday this much in a very long time." Twilight replied. Nightmare Moon took in a deep breath of the cool night air and sighed, she looked up at the stars and smiled. "Luna has done a fantastic job with the stars tonight hasn't she?".
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    The qualities that make parties such a nightmare for people - and also so pleasurable - make them incredibly important inside of fiction. There's a chaos agent quality to them: You just don't know who's going to be there or why. You could run into an old enemy, an .
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