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Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers

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Label: Not On Label - KIBE 27844 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Belgium • Genre: Rock • Style: Folk Rock
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In the hearts of those who love his music, Portland Townan emblematic anti-war protest song, will forever be associated with Derroll Adams. For several decades, he sang this song — of which the first line is a proud evocation of his origins — on folk music stages across Europe.

It illustrates the man's deep affection for his roots and for his family's past, even though he left the U. His childhood Searching (Flight 4 Remix) - DJ Mog Feat Mark Le Sal - Searching not have been an example of tranquillity, but Derroll still liked to talk about growing up in what turned out to be the end of the somewhat mythical Wild West.

His father, Ernest Raymond "Tom" Thompson, was first a juggler and then a tombstone polisher. His mother, Elizabeth Gertrude Kerr, was of Scottish descent: her ancestors were pioneers who travelled the famous Oregon Trail in covered wagons from Arkansas to settle down in the new Northwest Territories.

This ancestry is the source of Derroll Adams's first name: a souvenir of Wash Post - Gaiteiros De Lisboa - Bocas Do Inferno fictional Scottish hero Captain Derroll.

However, Derroll's family soon preferred to call him by his nickname, "Buddy". Elizabeth left her husband who had become an alcoholic. After he died, she re-married Jack Glenn. But the man was rough and Yet Another Movie - Pink Floyd - Signs Of Lives to Derroll, and so the couple split.

InElizabeth and her son moved into an apartment house in Portland. One of the tenants there, George Irwin Adams, came to assume the role of Derroll's missing father. He was a good and generous man — "a true old western gentleman", as Derroll often repeated — and whose name he later assumed. One day, young Derroll asked him if he too had a six gun. Grandpa Adams's only answer was to half-open the tails of the greatcoat he always wore, allowing Derroll a glimpse of the sawed-off shotgun that was strapped to his leg.

Derroll's Aunt Netty, a former saloon dancer, used to live with one of Kit Carson's companions and saw the man get shot dead in a duel right in the middle of the street. Derroll could spend literally hours telling such stories. However, his youth was not all folklore and idleness; the boy quickly learned about endless journeys on America's roads against the backdrop of the Great Depression's darkest years.

George, Elizabeth and he were forever having to move from town to town throughout the Northwest. Wherever he landed, Derroll immediately tried to strike up friendships, only to be forced to move again soon. These constant upheavals, as well as his nomadic and hectic existence, affected him deeply. Derroll often said that his only true home was the back seat of his parents' old Chevy. Cuddled up in this shelter, he would listen to his favourite hillbilly and country western music on the Showdown - Electric Light Orchestra - On The Third Day especially the broadcasts of the popular " Grand Ole Opry".

More importantly, he heard for the very first time the tinkling sounds of the five-string banjo—even though he had no clue at the time as to what this weird instrument might actually look like. He played the harmonica and invented tunes inspired by the plaintive and harrowing whistle of steam trains. Show business was another wonder to him: he liked to imitate Maurice Chevalier and mimic Buck Jones, his favourite western Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers hero, and Lefty Carson, the singing cowboy.

His parents also worked regularly as seasonal labourers on large farms. There, he was moved by Negro and gospel music. Much later, he worked as a windfall bucker in the vast north western forests of Oregon and Washington. He loved Love Fever - Bay City Rollers - Its A Game huge expanses more than anything else for their untouched nature and the simple but tough life of the Indians he came across.

These memories he always cherished, and so many of them shaped his philosophy of life. Derroll was 16 at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor — December 7, Full of idealism, he lied about his age to join the Army. He was eventually drafted by the Navy, where he trained as a combat diver. The on-going stress and brutality of the training, as well as the cruelty of the man around him, affected and destabilized him seriously. But this trying experience also provided him with an opportunity to learn more about the five-string banjo, an instrument that many of his comrades in arms from the South were quite familiar with.

They gave him a chance to hear some good banjo pickers first hand. Back in Portland after having been discharged for suffering from psycho-neurosis anxiety, he studied at Reed College's Museum Art School on a scholarship from to Two major events left a mark on his twentieth birthday: the birth of Scott, his first child, mothered by his high school sweetheart, Adeline, whom he had married inand a gift from his mother: a five-string banjo. Derroll immediately gave up on the guitar and mandolin, which he had been practising half-heartedly, Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers started playing the banjo, without knowing exactly how to tune it at first.

A year later, he left Adeline for Laureen, with whom he had two children: Mark and Deborah. He also discovered yoga and Zen Desert Sky (Instrumental) - Dropping Dishes - Zupalicious EP at this time.

During a hootenany at Portland Community Center hoot was the term used in those dayshe met Pete Seeger. At the end of the concert, Pete showed him — at last — how to properly tune a five-string banjo, which came as a revelation to this dedicated student. Making tremendous musical progress, he took an increasingly active part in Wallace's movement and even played at political gatherings. However, he was soon disgusted by some of the leaders' opportunism and turned to other, more sincere, militants such as Jim Garland and his sister, Aunt Molly Jackson, politically committed musicians who were quite famous at Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers time.

Having completed his studies inhe took a number of small jobs: radio-announcer, taxi-driver, window-dresser, etc. They decided to leave for Mexico, but along the way they settled down in San Diego, California.

Then they moved up to Oceanside, and this is where their son Gregorio was born. They stayed there for a while, living in a trailer, before moving to Los Angeles. To make ends meet, Derroll found various jobs again, such as driving trucks for Max Factor. During the yearthe loss of his first children and his meeting with an old couple who had lost their only child in Korea inspired him to compose Portland Towna poignant protest song.

But mccarthyism had become deeply-rooted in American social life and it was not recommended to advertise such thoughts at the time. Later, singer Barbara Dane popularised the song in the U. On one summer night, in the yearSid took him to Topanga Canyon, to the herb farm of Will Geer - a fashionable actor the colourful old trapper in the movie "Jeremiah Johnson" who lived with his wife Herta on the fringe of society because of political affiliations slightly to the left of the left.

Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers his own hands Will had built a Greek theatre and around him had gathered a community of various artists, movie and theatre actors from the Hollywood scene, poets, musicians and entertainers, many of them sharing the widely held ideas of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, the gurus of the Beat Generation.

Derroll was introduced to a talented guitar player and singer from New York, with the looks of a cowboy, a certain Jack Elliott, and people urged them to play something together. Never mind! Bess Lomax-Hawes folklorist Alan Lomax's sister gave him hers. That night, Derroll Adams and Jack Elliott gave an outstanding performance which brought down the house.

This was the beginning of a long friendship and of a peerless duo. Topanga residents also included Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston. Derroll and Jack played in bars, clubs and on some West Coast campuses. In the meantime, Jack married June Hammerstein, a young actress. Derroll was the best man at their wedding and played a frenzied Rich and Rambling Boychanging the lyrics slightly for the occasion.

June's mind was set on one dream - of going to Europe. She convinced Jack to follow her to London Across The Border - Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue he played in the streets and in pubs there. Jack Elliott's success was instantaneous.

But he missed his friend Derroll. Derroll left Elizabeth and their two children, Gregorio and Tamara. Invited by Jack and June, and despite being broke, Derroll arrived in Southampton on February 14 th Derroll and Jack played in the streets and in Soho pubs and coffee bars June passing the hat as well as in fashionable night clubs.

Derroll's baritone contrasted wonderfully with Jack's near-countertenor nasal voice and the mix of banjo and guitar was a great success. As The Ramblin' Boys, they also recorded their first album with a local label, Topic. At the end of that contract, Jack, June and Derroll decided to tour the continent.

During a stay in Paris, Derroll met Alex Campbell who became a dear friend. Derroll also fell in love with Isabelle, a distinguished decorator who worked for Christian Dior. They settled in Brussels, married in June ofand Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers associates in a free-lance, fashion-shop window-dressing business. This union gave birth to Vincent and Catherine.

The next year, Jack and June eventually parted ways, which marked the end of the trio's adventures. Jack Elliott returned to the U. Many were impressed by this tall picturesque and unique figure: stringed jacket, threadbare blue jeans, worn out cowboy boots, Stetson and banjo — an original sight in our land indeed! His songs must have sounded quite original to most listeners too, but it was mostly the man's brilliant personality, charisma and reassuring coolness that people noticed when they first met him.

His deep, warm voice told the songs more than it sang them. His banjo style was most delicate and superbly clean listen to his masterful rendition of Pretty Little Miss. The man was a born-entertainer who could capture the most varied of audiences — even those with no inclination for the American idiom — with his Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers cheerfulness that was a subtle mix of humanity, tenderness plus a good pinch of Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers.

The icing on the cake was his kindness and a matchless touch Pretty Mary - Kirsten & Bernd - The Balladeers class. The — apparent — simplicity of his banjo style amplifies the clarity of his lyrics. This combination enabled him to go directly to the heart of the matter with seemingly very little effort, hitting home most of the time.

And that is what makes him timeless. He was in London in when he met Paul Simon and also Donovan who he took him under his wing. In this film, he is seen introducing a young Donovan to Dylan. For Donovan, Derroll Adams was a true master.

Later he dedicated his most colourful and enchanting song to him. Epistle to Derroll is a token of his affection and admiration for "the banjoman with the tattoos on his hands".

Still, let there be no illusion, every rose has its thorns and so Derroll fell prey to alcohol and had several close encounters with death. He ended up divorcing and losing his children, once again. InDerroll Adams married Danny Levy, his last and thoughtful partner.


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