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Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File)

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Label: Deep Explorer Digital - Deepdigi 05 • Format: 4x, File WAV • Country: Spain • Genre: Electronic • Style: Deep House
Download Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File)

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Discussions in the following areas have requested wider attention via Requests for comment :. Clicking the " Recent changes " link in the interaction menu on every page Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File) give you a list of all edits in the last few minutes. If you just want to watch for changes to articles you have edited, use your Watchlist. You can add articles to your Watchlist by clicking "Watch this page" tab starred at the top of any article the talk page will be auto-watched, too.

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Where are they from? Front page About Subscribe Suggestions Archives. Centralized discussion. RFC on lead guideline for medicine-related articles Establishing general sanctions on topics related to Michael Jackson Should partial blocks be enabled? How to properly handle deprecated sources Should we refer to ships as "she" or "it"?

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Newest featured Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File) Articles. Tip of the day Tip of the day Watching for changes. Read more:. Settlement Boy - Various - Free Design School changes.

Help:User contributions. Become a Wikipedia tipster. Wikipedia editor navigation. Wikipedia key policies Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File) guidelines. Five pillars What Wikipedia is not Ignore all rules. Notability Autobiography Citing sources Reliable sources medicine Do not include copies of lengthy primary sources Plagiarism Don't create hoaxes Fringe theories Patent nonsense External links. Assume good faith Conflict of interest Disruptive editing Do not disrupt Wikipedia to illustrate a point Etiquette Gaming the system Please do not bite the newcomers Courtesy vanishing Responding to threats of harm.

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Arbitration Committee Bot approvals group Functionaries Clerks. Wikipedia community. For a listing of current collaborations, tasks, and news, see the Community portal. For a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests, see the Dashboard. Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File) assistance Requests for comment Third opinion Dispute resolution noticeboard Biographies of living persons Conflict of interest External links Fringe theories Neutral point of view No original research Reliable sources.

Book Media Category Templates. Essays about Wikipedia. Essays on building, editing, and deleting content. Articles must be written All Five Pillars are the same height Avoid vague introductions Be a reliable source Cohesion Concede lost arguments Eight simple rules for editing our encyclopedia Don't lie Explanationism External criticism of Wikipedia Bumblebee - Quruli - Rutsubo No Volts to build an encyclopedia Most ideas are bad Need Neutrality of sources Not editing because of Wikipedia restriction Oversimplification Paradoxes Paraphrasing Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File) and OR from editors, sources, and fields Product, process, policy Purpose Systemic bias There is no seniority Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia Tendentious editing The role of policies in collaborative anarchy The rules are principles Trifecta Wikipedia in brief Wikipedia is an encyclopedia Wikipedia is a community.

Adjectives in your recommendations AfD is not a war zone Arguments to avoid in deletion discussions Arguments to avoid in deletion reviews Arguments to avoid in image deletion discussions Arguments to make in deletion discussions Avoid repeated arguments Before commenting in a deletion discussion But there must be sources! Confusing arguments mean nothing Content removal Counting and sorting are not original research Delete the junk Does deletion help?

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What to do if your article gets tagged for speedy deletion When in doubt, hide it in the woodwork No Encyclopedic Use. Essays on civility. How to be civil Maintaining a friendly space Negotiation Accepting other users Enjoy yourself Expect no thanks Thank you Apology Truce Divisiveness Encouraging the newcomers Relationships with academic editors High-functioning autism and Asperger's editors Obsessive Compulsive Disorder editors.

A weak personal attack is still wrong Advice for hotheads An uncivil environment is a poor environment Be the glue Civility warnings Deletion as revenge Failure Forgive and forget It's not Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File) end of the world Nobody cares Most people who disagree with you on content are not vandals Old-fashioned Wikipedian values Profanity, civility, and discussions Revert notification opt-out Shadowless Fists of Death!

Staying cool when the editing gets hot The grey zone The last word There is no Divine Right Of Editors Most ideas are bad Las Negras - Ordell - Little Bug EP (File) is clear The rules of polite discourse There is no common sense Wikipedia is not about winning Writing for the opponent Reader.

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Essays on notability. Alternative outlets Articles with a single source Bare notability Bombardment Businesses with a single location But it's true! Trivial mentions. Humorous essays. Is that even an essay? About essays. Essay guide Value of essays Difference between policies, guidelines and essays Don't cite essays as if they were policy Avoid writing redundant essays Finding an essay Quote your own essay.

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