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ילד חן = Yeled Chen - Ilan & Ilanit - אלבום הבכורה משנת 1967

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Label: Helicon Records - 02-94131,Helicon Records - HL 02-94131,Israphon - 328 AP • Series: נוסטלגיה עברית • Format: CD Album, Reissue, Remastered • Country: Israel • Genre: Latin, Pop, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Vocal
Download ילד חן = Yeled Chen - Ilan & Ilanit - אלבום הבכורה משנת 1967

Log in Registration. Clear and sharp photographs. A large painting of Theodor Herzl is seen in the background, surrounded by a striped flag, a Magen David and the word "Zion". David Wolfsohn delivering a speech is seen in the center of the stage, surrounded by members of the Zionist Organization, with a second flag at the front of the stage, in its center the words "Gur Aryeh Yehuda" encircled by twelve stars. The back Transcending The Sorrows Of An Earth Unseen - Valborg - Crown Of Sorrow the cards carry the ink-stamps of the photographer and artist Robert Sprenga pioneer of modern photography and the "New Objectivity" movement, who owned a photography studio in Basel.

Very good condition. Sent to Vienna inpostmarked and handwritten. Good condition. Rimer number. Published by Zion, Vienna. Mailed from Basel during the congress, inscription in pencil. Good condition, a few stains. Rimer number Opening Price: Opening Price:. New York. English A booklet about the first Zionist Congress. With list of participants, Herzl's and Nordau's speeches, etc. Original paper cover, partially detached a slightly torn.

Handwritten notebook in pencil, Egon MichaelAryeh Zweig. Basel, Switzerland, August. German and shorthand. Egon Zweiga Zionist activist native of Moravia, lived most of his life in Vienna. Delegates mentioned in the notebook: Marmorek, Werner, Garfinkel, Nordau, and others, in detailed notes; short comments followed by shorthand of speeches. Amongst the titles in the notebook: "Membership fees of the World Zionist Organization were sold for Shekalim"; "Trietsch attacks Herzl"; "Revenues and Expenses", and more.

The shorthand has not been deciphered and might contain speeches relevant to the dispute ילד חן = Yeled Chen - Ilan & Ilanit - אלבום הבכורה משנת 1967 the "Uganda Plan" that was discussed in this congress.

Correspondence Annual report of the Jewish National Fund com. Zionism and Liberal Judaism, Paul Goodman. Zionism and the Neo-Zionists, Laurie Magnus. Henry Moskowitz. Zionism and the Allies. Snowden The regeneration of Israel on the Land of His. Forefathers, M.

Lilienblum from the Russian. Howard Adeney. The booklets are bibliographically unknown:. New York, [late th century]. Report on Central Committee Meeting, th March.

London, [ ]. Report of Dr. Size and condition varies. From the collection of Prof. Chimen Abramsky. A printed pamphlet, by Dr. Natan Birnbaum, Dr. Vienna, February. Fair-poor condition. Tears and crease, filing holes. Made to the Chovevi Zion Association.

Hirsch, delegate ילד חן = Yeled Chen - Ilan & Ilanit - אלבום הבכורה משנת 1967 the Chovevi. Twelve Zionist Booklets. Can these Dry Bones Live? A Green. Jewish Territorial Organization — Manifesto and Correspondence. London, [ca. Annual report of the Jewish National Fund commission for England. Leeds, [ ]. Zionism no remedy — A voice from America, Henry Moskowitz. Zionism — an appreciation and Criticism, John Howard Adeney. Vienna, December.

Sent by the Zionist Organization in Vienna, to various Zionist leaders. The content of the letter: "Very honorable colleague… We address you in view of the fact that as a result of the current situation in Russia, it is impossible to raise there "Shekalim" [funds]. We ask you to start as early as possible to raise 'shekalim' in your country… We have to inform you that our treasury is nearly empty. Slight creases at borders, pinhole on right side. Several stains. Filing holes.

Eretz Israel, [late s]. Styled as an open book: On the right Herzl's portrait in relief with the inscription "Im Tirtsu Ein Zo Agada" [If you will it, it is no dream]; and on the left the ילד חן = Yeled Chen - Ilan & Ilanit - אלבום הבכורה משנת 1967 of the State of Israel and the inscription "Ratsinu ve-Zachinu" [We willed and we achieved].

Height: cm, width: cm. Fine engraving of the portrait of Herzl on the balcony in Basel, observing the Tower of David and the Walls of Jerusalem, with a convoy of immigrants, a shining sun and the text, "If you will it — it is no dream. Good condi- condition. Postcards Seven postcards with Theodor Herzl's portrait. Various printers and printing dates, s through s. Condition varies, good. Homiletics for Herzl's Memorial Day — Rabbi Herzl's bezukh in Vilna [Herzl's visit to Vilnius] on August.

Written in Tel-Aviv in. Was war er? Written indepicts a meeting with Herzl in a restaurant in Basel during the third Zionist Congress in. Five typewritten pages, with highlighting and corrections.

Good condition, some creasing. Noah and D. People, by Bernard Lazare. Herzl [ ]". He is especially renown for his expansive and outreaching actions for the renewal of "semicha". The second edition in English, the first was published in London.

Based on Miss Sylvia d'Avigdor's original translation, with an introduction and notes by J. De Haas. Blondheim, Baltimore, [? May, London. Rehovot, December. A personal, friendly letter, in which Weizmann tells that the "festivities" are over and that he feels tired and is therefore going with his wife on a vacation to the Whos Clean - Shock G - Fear Of A Mixed Planet - Bonus Edition of the country; the situation in Palestine is improving and if this continues a rapid change in the area will be felt, but one shouldn't talk too soon as Palestine is an unpredictable country.

Weizmann continues with a few words about his garden and the Weizmann Institute. Aerogramme x. Written in green ink. Some foxing. Chaim Weizmann, first President of the State of Israel]. Cast bronze plaque, with relief of Weizmann's portrait and embossing of Weizmann's signature.

Portrait of Weizmann, a line of cypress trees, and the caption "He led his people to the Promised Land" with an illustration of a memorial-candle and the emblem of the State of Israel. Heavy, quality paper. Ness Gadol Haya Sham!


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    אלבום הבכורה עתיד לצאת חן שזר, הוא שם העת של חנה שצמן. כותבת בבמה חדשה מאז אפריל סיפוריה, שיריה, וצילומיה עוסקים בעיקר בכאן ועכשיו, בסבכי הקשר עם ראש הכרובית משנת שזכו להתעלמות כללית.
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    May 25,  · Contribution by Prof. Norman Myers, Green College, Oxford University, U.K., "Environmental Refugees: An Emergent Security Issue" Publisher Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.
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    Transcription. הסטוריה ותרבות יהודית וישראלית ±μ ßÒÓ ‰¯ÈÎÓ.
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