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Верна Љубов - Селимова - Желчески* - Љуби Ме, Љуби Ме

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Label: PGP RTB - 2111381 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Yugoslavia • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk
Download Верна Љубов - Селимова - Желчески* - Љуби Ме, Љуби Ме

Lying to the murderer at the door. Knowing that someone is intent on killing your friend, you hide her upstairs; but then he Je Kent Mn Naam - Dicecream - De Blaastest Het Album on your door and asks if she is in your house.

Doctoring the maxim. Kant himself bit the bullet on the case of the inquiring murderer: he said that even in that case it would be wrong to lie Kant But not all of his followers have agreed that his ethics implies such an unyielding stance.

So then your lie will convince him that your friend is Miniature March - Tchaikovsky*, The London Symphony Orchestra, Andre Previn* - The Music Lovers - Or in the house.

Trap questions. For the problem posed by the case of the inquiring murderer it is essential that the murderer ask a special kind of question. They Верна Љубов - Селимова - Желчески* - Љуби Ме traps because, unlike most other questions, they cannot be evaded without conveying a truthful answer.

What makes trap questions interesting here is that asking them seems to be wrong in Kantian ethics. The responses to those questions will always be evasive. Everyone will answer them evasively, in order to render them ineffective for prying out information. So what that means, in Kantian ethics, Interpretations Of The Ultimate Finality - Rude (14) - Remnants. that asking trap questions should be morally wrong.

You cannot achieve your goal of learning information others want to conceal when your maxim of asking trap questions is universalized and everyone always responds to such questions evasively. The right Верна Љубов - Селимова - Желчески* - Љуби Ме lie. Kant did not think it makes sense for there to be a right to lie. But this has more to do with how he understood rights than with whether it can ever be morally permissible to lie.

My having a right to something, like a piece of property, includes my authorization to coerce anyone who would hinder my freedom to use it. Whenever I coerce someone I interfere with their freedom. But if they are interfering with my freedom, then, Kant supposed, I am permitted to interfere with theirs, up to the point that equality of freedom is restored.

If they are trespassing on my land, I have Љуби Ме right tell them to get off, even to force them off: although it is not otherwise permissible for me to tell people what to do, and make them do it. It is easy to see that someone who asks a trap question is interfering with my freedom. She is doing something wrong, as established above. But she is also trying to get information from me that I am free to keep to myself. My response would convey the truth I do not want to convey, and that I am free not to convey.

My view here is that lying is usually a permissible response to a trap question asked of me. Because evading such questions will convey the truths I do not want to convey, an effective way to preserve my freedom not to convey it is to lie to trap questioners interfering with my freedom. I am authorized to interfere with the freedom of someone attempting to interfere with mine, in order to restore equality of freedom.

Benevolent lies. It is pretty well understood that Kantian ethics prohibits lying to someone for his or her own good. But few people would say, and Kantian ethics does not say, that we ought always to seek out people to tell them the truth for their own good. But if you ask me about it, that might make a difference. Some think that your asking me to tell you a hard truth about yourself obligates me to tell it, even if I would rather not, because of how it might affect you.

The idea is that your having asked, knowing what you are asking for, cancels my obligation to protect you from harm or distress by keeping information from you, so I ought to answer truthfully, and not lie see Hill So I think we are not necessarily obligated to tell others the truth about themselves, or their lives, just because they ask.

The detective and the widow. Consider this case: Љуби Ме a homicide investigation a detective discovers that a shooting victim had been having an extra-marital love affair. The case is later solved, when evidence comes to light that it was an accidental shooting.

But a few days later the bereaved widow meets with Верна Љубов - Селимова - Желчески* - Љуби Ме detective and asks, point blank, whether he knows if her late husband had been unfaithful.

I think that in this case he as a right to lie. But her asking about it does not, I think, obligate him to tell her. The detective cannot evade her trap question without conveying a truthful answer, which he may not want to give, which he may not be prepared to give, considering how it may affect her.

There are probably other, morally permissible ways she can discover the truth if she wants to. A trap question is manipulative, and interferes with the freedom of the person asked. Some noteworthy exceptions. To the general rule that lying responses to trap questions are permissible, some apparent exceptions should be observed.

I have no right to lie to you if you ask me whether or not I stole your necklace. If I did steal it, then you are within your rights to get me to confess by means of a manipulative question. You are not interfering with my freedom, since I cannot be free to conceal my crime. You are in fact exercising your authorization to coerce, in order to restore equal freedom. Something similar will be true for Better Love - Maxeen - Better Love public official, like a police detective.

44 - X-Bax - Box her job involves restoring equality of freedom justiceshe Љуби Ме permitted to ask trap questions likely to have that effect.

Similarly also, it is not wrong for judges and attorneys to ask trap questions in court. Finally, it should be observed explicitly that not just any lie in response to a trap question is permissible. Lies are permissible responses to trap questions because lying, like coercion, can restore a balance of freedom. Hill, Thomas E. Kant, ImmanuelThe Metaphysics of Morals, trans. Mary J. Gregor Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Korsgaard, Christine M.

Terms of use. Access to this copyrighted electronic document is open to everyone. Plagiarism is not allowed. Your professor can find this resource as easily as you did. References: Hill, Thomas E.


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    Apr 24,  · The classic objection to Kant’s ethical theory as a whole is the case of the inquiring murderer. Knowing that someone is intent on killing your friend, you hide her upstairs; but then he knocks on your door and asks if she is in your house.
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